Saturday 16 March 2024

Some sample pieces from 'at the edge of pulse'/ (Incunabula Media 2023)


Available from Incunabula Media:
'A liturgy of absence, a paean to desolation. Shorn of sentiment and vain aspirations, it's as if the words on the page are a testament to vanished humanity, left behind when everything else has eroded and gone...'
"in stray exile of presence child's a-blind in silhouette discern what speech(less) burns in bait of fragment's resolve/ detracts unto edge in desolate brim of shiv till buckled bone arrestation of blood spray upon wild skins once known of null of butcher here or there ever after of in collision breath(e) eclipse of once was severed nothing of the known till once unto a shatter of all pulse resolve"
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dense what night a shaft of blood recorded ever of
shadowy expound of silence breath exposed

windows of thick heat a desolate
a sudden nothing of to touch

wry bones to taste
entity lapse of

nothing the devour of a pestle & mortar smile
cracked jagged broke static emblems

foreign as was dawn
spitting out the shed skin

of seeds what blind
what soured



castrato sunsets of the beached flowering of bloody sands
& the blood of tide

butchering all that can be observed neither seen
it-of in it dream
pulse white

shadows that beg
for blood



skin-rip of circus wheel a jagged worship of never having
spin lapse of callused fingers adrift

echo-breath/e of excise nothing of the fortitude
nor the exist of rapture colourings

sudden closed flesh of scarlet weighted nothing of
all haven butchered the tongue dead fed to

the dogs of speech
disarmed a silence of the a-bask of that singular

cold eyes burning



needless to
of the orchid once
spitting into callous attribute

all scars brought to light by the asking of the skyline
of the once edge butchered meat
& the sew thy breath
beneath the sun's
to be


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