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The introduction by Lee Beckworth to 'in dim forgotte(n)'/ Incunabula Media


Negtropics of Imaginary Cruising/

A genealogy of flows of intensity In Dim Forgotte[n] by Michael Mc Aloran

Michael Mc Aloran/s latest text has discovered and excavated a landscape of interminable desire/of excessive imaginary fields/a place where no reader has been and certainly no writer has documented before/this figural dimension/with such subversive textual skill and discipline as Mc Aloran/ Contemporary existential ideology tells the subject to pay attention and take control of their life to learn from the past and look to the future with its sprawling information freeways of algorithmic meaning/Mc Aloran defies this process with a work that defines a future without implicit meaning or narrative direction organising his world to his advantage with a style[less] fucking with the systems of written exchanges/ overwhelming the classical notions of univocal truth and eternal essences as limits on discourse/It is difficult to write about his work because many of the words and metaphors needed to do so haven/t been invented yet/He has revolutionised and re-inscribed what combinations of words and their potential meanings can be defined as to one beyond more than that of current/unchanging/ cognitive limits/that tedious repertory of reified transcendent values posturing as the “text”/always in a state of maintaining privileged signifiers and narrative reliability/ downtown emptiness and elegant inanity/]In Dim Forgotte[n] Mc Aloran shoulders the burden of representation and re-creates a form of literary innovation that seems in its brevity to leave out more than it retains while actually immersing the reader in a proliferation of possible meanings/Unfolding fragments in one voice and then the next and the next without resorting to the banality of a central character or aspiring to traditions of social realism or heroic post mondernism/Mc Aloran evades isms imaginary cruising around dissonant violence and breaking through boundaries and stoppages each paragraph shifts desires and social fluxes constantly producing and creating appropriating coagulated with the endless flux of other desiring machines/all the codes are floating in a opaque miasma of birth pangs of breaking down and reforming perceptions/For those whose reading has been polluted by the codex engaging with this text is all the more difficult/He puts his work in a place where he is not identified as the the primary generator of the text as errant/erratic/multi faceted author creating order out of what appears at first as mind blowing disorder/locating literature as the site of a new aesthetic struggle started by the likes of Samuel Beckett/James Joyce and William Burroughs/There is no longer a cosmos of rigid reductive fictional forms/the algorithm of formulaic dogma is confronted with a vigorous defiance/meaning originates in the imagination of the reader as an epiphany of discovery/all interpretive logic can only focus on structures and systems both analogue and digital/coding and totalizing operations of thought/......sudden from artefact razor fingers trace the asylum tears of what bled till next...words burn as of shit in wax paper where to rat is to nothing ever closure lung a neck snapped in the silent darkness of tidal oceanic...The text is an instantiation of the metaphysics of shock sentences which at the start are limited to a few words but which grow to lengthy passages replete with the primal waters of the life of each word in itself in its own world and as part of a state of apprehension Avital Ronel explores in her seminal book Finitudes Score/The reader must prepare for what they might become after reading and absorbing this nomadic/highly successful attempt to redefine the future task of both reading writing and understanding not yet conjugated/there are no prohibitions in this world and meaning is dependent on the contingent and the aleatory combination of the fractured corpse of humanity bloody and deranged and the ghostly presence of the unheimlichkeit /One must prepare for alterity/......waste attrition it all of less than ever breaks forth to collect of banquet skull teaming with nectar toothless toothed whore of broke jaw emptiness where spe/cial is to outstretch rhythm all sunk devour as of where belittle...blood is out of focus nocturne of drought/The work de-totalises words as signs with a set of significations that a community has agreed upon and usurps this process with the absolute reign of his own impersonal unique ideology/One not engaged with by the usual academic definitions and critiques/Not locked in a disjunctive synthesis/Sliding past all expectations of homogeneous mannerisms refusing a identificatory presence using brute force and blunt instrument quotidian intentions that of detourning producing a work that is antagonistic or antithetical to all previous texts/cracking open textual integrity and that of bringing to an end the cult of literal suicide unchosen and unspoken systems of word/sign equivalences with their ontological manifestations and implications//A torrent of data tracers illuminates the void of surgical precision of random individuality the reader takes on the task of a forensic team drifting to low resolution velocity disarmed as literary terrorist suspect slow wave of neural passes through the reader arrested by flux of images rogue spelling and [lack of] punctuation/there are few pronouns just a couple of [you] and one or two [their] the subject being is apparently eviscerated self mutilating corpse of the child [not at the centre which remains occupied by the word] under orders to ...strip meat from memory fresh meat...human waste bailing out these are the damned nothing of the sky to bite...all of in said of to reveal...razor splinters swallowed down...transparency flung to the dogs... as child dissolves the umbilical cord attaching it to ...snare bone bite havoc [of] close ...spasm of dredge of fist of some breakage point given to occlude dead haven of scatter words to barren fields where nothing ever ever marrow silence of accord/as drift shrift shift of sequence collide with sky bare meat hoping it can re-attach itself to dismembered words the migraine images of autopsy defuse into traumatic memory protocols of psycho surgery...mocks dawn’s collective absence of feel drags dead child bones through avenues of broken glass of scatter of rusty nails of cum of shit of blood of cascade of flesh to redeem in existentia.../ A new form of communicating using the cybernetics of rhizomic connections creating a text of improvisations on states of decay disorder and dismemberment of the very structure of the processes of cerebral thought/...self engaged night spots of the forever lost there never should have been no [thing] but word-less asked of yet never once asked for...Antonioni/s Zabriskie Point the exploding refrigerator of words disengaged from the power circuits of psycho sexual perversity/Meaning comes directly from inspiration through a maze of subversively threaded visions at first in single words slightly out of focus then clusters of words rush into view and finally paragraphs a new vocabulary of thought allowing for freedom of creation and fluidity of punctuation the reader is free to improvise and take themselves to places they never imagined labyrinth of bleak discord where shards are emblems of desire in ebb & flow of signature of meld through passage breathe where to/...fuck all sediment scatter words to barren of the many pools of lucidity that litter the text/The reader is sent to zones of occupation subjected to indefinite cruel and unusual containment under statutes pertaining to states of high mental Alert and Hysteria tortured relentlessly with heavy mental collision of word noise contamination ...denizen of excrement subtle as devour throughout where to exit from is to/ cannot exit...from as if to/ sound to fall to beg of it/ dead tide...electro-shock-therapy softening up for ambiguous interrogation by cerebral apparatus or extraction of fundamentalist genome by open brain surgery/Responses are expected and diplomatic immunity which gives respite is dead/ shit in the streets cannot wipe away the traces/ long turning of the breathe of it it clings to nasal/eye/ wipes away the reek it cannot/ nor ever/ aspire to it or ever lack of it...Every thing used to have its limit even the truth of Burroughs cutups sorrow death betrayal including desire for alphabetical entertainment/Mc Aloran takes the written word onto a higher platform maintaining an elegance of form and integrity of the chance for cognitive plenitude for the reader to engage with a plethora of floating signifiers/With post-human prosthetic servo word mechanism resentful perspective under immanence of deep and uneven phallic word-wars monitor self control codes blur/fluctuate/re-form little by little child reveals burns in sands of night’s cavalcades where to drought is to of collision of dead waste speech fragrant as nothing ever was before cold ivory dice cast unto...../ Such passages are seeped in a deadly negtropics of melancholia and despair the words assert their strident meaning operating just below the surface of understanding yet anarchic enough to leave a critical impact on the reader/Creating a new way of writing and reading which alters the readers sense of an affinity with the sombre emotional aspects of conservative human nature/This book takes a crucial step invoking such primal emotions as fear/anxiety/dread and finally despair/Creating a sense of contemplation of a text that refuses to give up its meaning even after a second or third reading/It is a labor intensive activity/give it time to reveal itself reminding us of the human touch of genius/The words engulf the reader with a very complex structure of language stripping words back to a raw vital power avoiding the disease of our Age: that of Intertexuality/Mc Aloran inherits the powers of life and death the torso without limbs unsewn raised on dust veins full of oil the spectre of Phallic autonomy is a manipulated social conspiracy engaging with the paranoid and the skitzoid the artifice of intelligence grasps its own manufactured essences again/Mc Alorans work evades the urge to interpret corrupt reality transposing the work into a commentary which hopes to reveal many hidden meanings while at the same time offering nothing/in all its truth a decadent practice to say the least/Mc Aloran has widened the gap between literature and criticism and evades the arrogance that critics bring with their rigid attempts to snare the text within the limits of their own facile ideological aesthetics/The discomforting features of in dim forgotte[n] begin with the title and continue through to the last paragraphs.......silence then that cannot/ blood-stain upon skin/ turns the face aside a kiss of slaughterhouse/ strips denuded the carrion of vocal/ it all fall down/ time what of it to turn to utter waste/ irredeem of speechless/ speechless tones fades vibratory blood/ as it gathers as it set to light to burn down ever of to unbecome/ fade yes or no yes or no/ it echos... in the empty head oscillating between repulsion and attraction but never boredom/

The book itself is available here

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The introduction by Lee Beckworth to 'in dim forgotte(n)'/ Incunabula Media

  Negtropics of Imaginary Cruising/ A genealogy of flows of intensity In Dim Forgotte[n] by Michael Mc Aloran Michael Mc Aloran/s latest tex...