Thursday 14 July 2022

'bone bite snare' (Erratum Press) reviewed by Lee Beckworth


Bone bite snare the latest work from Michael Mc Aloran that displays his skill at re-articulating language identity and meaning into a labyrinthine revolt against the demands of the word to be understood and in doing so he steps beyond the existence of the novel as bourgeois artefact /The vitality of his text underlines the possibility of a vertigo of linguistic masochism confronting the reader with the refusal of a fixed tyranny of predictable meaning while corrupting notions of authorial identity/it is the individual who creates art no longer art that creates the self conscious individual that supreme illusion where everything is resolved/this work reflects the darkness and drunkenness of an epoch of evil and pessimism/but he does not complain of being misunderstood/in fact he invites a delirium of mystery and ambiguity in this barren age of mediocrity/To quote Deleuze and Guattari the schizoid revolutionary pole of the unconscious follows the centrifugal movement of the desire to be liberated from all ideological positions/A form of neutrality that refuses to be nailed down to a narrative persona not modern not post modern but dominates the passion to have meaning revealed/ The rest is silence/What McAloran calls the paradigm of shit a bitter frenzy teethed to the sky/What is this text about?/What is it trying to achieve?/Perhaps these paragraphs are generated and operating under the guise of Freuds concept of displacement?/Why the plethora of micro description or rather perhaps the absence of a narrator of names of anything outside of his authorial abandonment of rules of literary conduct?/What is being described adrift through corridors of barren-toned abandon ?/Words exfoliates as a depth tide for extinction of centrality of rational discourse /Cybernetics as a language in its final transformation and bone bite snare defies the imagination to evolve a understanding of these word events unless the imagination perfects resonance with the art of confusion?/...till terse redempt nothing ever of the collision verge where coil of edge redeem spill of light/What does this mean for language?/There is a need for an ear tuned towards absorbing the maximum from the multiplicity of perspectives offered /...where to taste is of the dead light what once it will return bleak solace headlong broken../Meaning seems at first stripped from the lines of words that have no evidence of punctuation to stem the flow of images perhaps three dots being the only evidence of a pause in the onslaught of discourse/Mc Aloran as author is released from adherence to his humanity touching what is unimaginable forgotten unnecessary the displaced puzzle of the suspect narrative throws off habit and expresses a nascent state of verbal demiurgy/Will language in the Age of the post digital even use an alphabet as it is now/Will there be a flood of new words coming from a Cybernetic driven culture that dominates the paradigm of consciousness if such a state even exists/What being[s] might constitute the Cybernetic paradigm?/These are questions Mc Aloran engages with/ Consciousness is a consensual human hellucination/We are limited by our language/Just as Physics is limited by its theorems/The depth of the imagination is limited in the human/An awake dream a state of fugue drifting mindless and out of control/What happens when the author sheds his breathless haven of desire and thinks back until peeling shadows from wounds of memory coming to rest in paragraphs of confessional vapours to a silent audience?/The spoken word may disappear and all interaction between subjects may be purely desiring neural discharges/Micro seconds of pleasure but it [the gap] exists and is in no way linear/...bloody waste pass through given fleshed disaster rank with silences the final eyes of sleep forgotten merely to slumber long into ever echo where night is ever ever long/ With an ear bent towards absorbing the maximum from words linked in paragraphs meaning is stripped from the readers intolerable senses birthing the fleshed close of hour upon hour touching what is possibly unable to be known/The displaced puzzle of narrative throws off the habit of the quotidian and each phrase ends with a sense of finality then opens up into another series of subjective anomalies revealing fragments recognised from the plethora of interpretations hidden in the obfuscations of semiotic precision born of post biological thought processes/Mc Aloran is always transgressing the limit of comprehension hidden amongst the fragments between the words and the lines/...the words graze the surface dredge of corridors once forged die down in listless slaughter/ Semi automatic metaphors struggle to follow the maze of images/As the author says in another of his texts Code # 4 Texts the words must be read both horizontal and vertically with an urgent but sterile engagement/Again in bone bite snare through what dim a doorway unto abandoned landscapes all foreign/McAlorans post biological text reflects the deep contradictions in contemporary culture not by confronting it with a leftist academic ideology but with a sense of neutrality almost an anti aestheticism expressing conspiratorial language that demands the reader completely rethink its engagement with language communication a world akin to that of Beckett and Joyce/A text that attempts to liberate the conscious voice from the tyranny of pulp fiction and the overly common intellectual narratives/Mc Aloran restores the corporeality of desire to know to understand /Instead of the passive 16 seconds of focus a level of concentration is needed to grasp the reinventing of word and phoneme that generate new significations/The reader if astute enough finds themselves revelling in a state of jouissance/...null stop collision rat surfaces to forage breathe of cannot expel it is choke upon at silhouettes silent edge/

The systematic delirium of auto suggestion drives the reader to maximise the processes of the imagination/a rare glimpse into a reek of silence oblivious to the commerce here there or barren ashen sunk white knee deep in shit reek there was something what was it named after/The work aims to quench an urgent desire for simplicity and banality/The Forgotten Memory of the Future/Insanity and excess of vision and sound/ Consciousness is not the seat of identity/When you have gone as far as you can you are only half way there/Reality for Mc Aloran is not enough/He dreams of the inside which is the unconscious and the outside which is the imagination/What is the connection between the unconscious and the imagination between twins/Do we only imagine in the conscious or is it a direct production of the dream of the other that we have forgotten as real and think that it is an inspiration of the conscious?/Bone bite snare is a limit experience that prevents us from remaining in the dream without transgressing its emptied out presence/Or are we permanently in the dream becoming other within space and time a rational thought or a non-thought/the unconscious/Mc Aloran improvises with a brilliant acuity of mind/...waste ground where now the closure of what given to beckon of as if to speak all days done for haven/ How do we maintain the boundaries?/Should we bother?/The process of constructing identity is creative and the creative individual creates many selves/What do you dream of and what do you dream of becoming/Is a dream a process of desire or are desires limited to the conscious/Is the dream the thinking of the unthinkable/Mc Aloran constructs the almost unthinkable/He is recording the collapse of Western civilisation liquidating the last vestiges of his intrinsic or symbolic value while maintaining an absolute integrity of creative thought/broken shadows in a collective of meat to bone to tragedy lack of it turning upon where to of if not what silence...a flight from echo into foreign echoing desire ramparts a fist to pommel the skyline's teeth.... 

'bone bite snare' is available via Erratum Press

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