Thursday, 6 February 2020

Now available, "(dead tones)" -- Michael Mc Aloran

“…this is the new post-post poetry. if we want to mirror the schizophrenia, psychosis of our sociuses, then here it is done with the utmost accuracy.”

–Aad de Gids

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Sunday, 10 November 2019

A review by J.G of "all null having", published 2018 by VoidFront Press

“Ever unto”: a phrase which has haunted--and continues to haunt--the work of Michael Mc Aloran; it was even the title of a piece from his prose-oriented collection, 'The Bled Sun.' While a personal nihilism marked that book, along with other earlier publications, 'All Null Having' makes far more drastic--and often deeply effective--attempts to amputate the subject of self from the writing itself. Without the hopelessly ironic self-obsession of the suicidal mind as a referential point, which had been belabored at the inchoate stages of the poet’s evolution, the reader can respond to the ceaseless question of not going-on/going-on only with those sardonically and impersonally rhetorical words, “ever unto--what?”

With the self amputated or, at least, unrecognizably mutilated, the Emersonian eye/I equivalency takes on various perversions throughout the book: “I-bone,” “I-lie,” “eye-die," etc. Mc Aloran undermines this age-old yet nevertheless cheap pun by suggesting that the union of eye and I potentially limits the known to the seen, the ocular sphere becoming the circumference of knowledge: “eye recalls that womb/ room of that unbirthing = eye recalls that violent slash mark throughout the membrane through the matter…” Yes, the equivalency of eye/I remains, though at the expense of the self being treated as an object, no less subjected to distortions and, even, negations, which sight virtually practices upon any given perceived object; especially if said agent is, unlike the eye, categorically closer to a force than an object: “the weight of lack bites heavily the nothing much of eye that peels away as of fruits merely to reveal where origins only were of the none…”

This practice of poetry as a process of anatomical-ontological amputation extends beyond the components of sight to include, even more incisively, a dissection of the self in relation to sound, particularly in the sense of speech. The “body vocal” and its “vapour tones”--lingering emissions of word-polluted breath--are two other major motifs, to such an extent, that it keeps the nearly relentless stream of anti-poetry from falling into the trap of systematic discontinuity; like anyone who has actively engaged with personal tendencies toward nihilism, the poet seems to have clearly understood that the mind desirous of absolute chaos ultimately does not differ from the one desirous of absolute order. And so the broken-body-vocal is a system desperately striving toward the hermetic purity of Logos even though the mouth, as a cavity continually opening and closing upon the perceived “outside,” becomes inevitably self-exposed to entropy by the very act of speaking: “broken the body vocal streams throughout breaking as of tidal upon the breathless the under-current of the unspeaking unsaying ever of.”

So if the ostensible subjects are actually just devastatingly open systems which seem to be mere media for flux, then process itself is the true subject of this poetry; not to say that Mc Aloran--or any other poet for that matter--has yet to reach such an ultimate context as to definitively transcend individually-fragmented subjectivity and, with absolute fidelity, describe the process of how the mind linguistically describes its reality. Still, his Beckettian approach to semantics and syntax, even more simultaneously abstract and visceral than his predecessor’s, displays a significant awareness of how language and consciousness mutually refract each other. The preposition dominates the pronoun throughout All Null Having, and the prepositions themselves, stripped of their traditional function in the absence of any consistently definable person, place or thing, are multiplied as frenzied searchlights synchronously spreading toward the empty core of relation itself and the furthest extremities of contingency. The reader need not advance beyond the first entry to find an example of how syntax can be butchered to sacrifice the assumption of meaning, as an amputation of dubious referents from the already-mutilated limbs of language: “ of/ from out of/ through (the) dead light breath broken valves of night nowhere left to follow(s)/ onwardly dissipated silenced as closure eye redempt of none.” Being skeptical of verbally-defined meaning does not mean the extinction of meaning; in fact semantic possibilities exponentially multiply from a defiance of absolute meaning. As seen in the previously-quoted passage, the parenthetical inclusion of a single letter turns “nowhere left to follow” to a proclamation of continued movement, even if said movement is still toward the redemption of none.

If nothing else, the evolution of Mc Aloran’s poetry seems to show how it is possible to trade what seemed, in his earlier works, to be a merely noncommittal obsession with suicide for the much subtler death by daily self-negation; with every lifting of the pen, another forging of another zero/womb/mouth through which to pass unto the next negation and then, eventually, unto even less than that...

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Friday, 25 October 2019

Sketch - 09/19 (from (dead tones))

…through a strip-stream of eye yes another one closure of no wound a silver intermezzo of cold colours the like of which embedded in the meat of it where matter no nothing of that closure tongue of the obtruse blade curving upon where nothing of is the forgotten split in the dim spliced light echoes of bedamned it once of forgotten emblems nothing of the like of which where gardenias flow throughout the blood of absolve relapse in a simulacrum of teeth the fleeing vortex of blood ripped from the pulse bulb excreata of silence tread what once till naught division nothing of which to consider the collapsed dread nothing of the abreast of oceanic closure of the wound the tongue cast to the shadow shale where to if but when in the of the none closure abandon lessened as if to mimicry till dance alone in the shadows of star light cast upon frozen soil it what when in laughter of intoxicate where birthed the once frozen of the divine waste what be as if to echo forgotten bold as/ nothing of that of the which collect seasons to dissolve as all fall sunderance decays throughout till drag what held where some circumference closed door another realm another opening into the flesh of having nothing ever till rapture an escape of hyenic laughter the skies ablaze with the milk tooth dust of silent children till trace what done in genuflect in the forgotten shadow till lie alone in the frenzy dark as to give preference for the object other of in which what sudden collision nothing of throughout the bind semblance unto fall scattered the dead pelt of tomorrow a scrag a measure nothing other than through eye’s bankrupt needle shattering the unspoken to rust to bleached skin upon which to tread in sickness neither health nor otherwise where as if to into of the burn silence all the while collapsing the get it over with the erase it to gutterize where the none doth flow in the splendour of nothing less of being expelled where broken is the forgotten endlessly unravelling where to build is to fall distances all of merely of the surmise cold shoulder dread of the one thing further of a lacerate as each hour departs and nothing other than the breath binds blindly as if unto spoken of throughout as the drag of some corpse of being in of the rat closure piercing the meat of till dreamt of broken glass nocturne a silence of distaste where bones vibrate in the dim light kaleidoscope of burning wings a seasoning a drought skinning the eyes of pageantry sickness of till dredge a scattering of bloody ash where fingers to outreach never fully grasp devout as a slashed wrist a carrion feel of empty wordless landscapes desolate to wrenched asunder till broke stone effervescence as the mirror peels away to reveal a teaming of maggot silences reflected in the eye of nothing as breakage upon a cold oceanic of tears of null & void collision breathe of dispel till lock alone as broken silences reclaim the distances of dead tones where wordless as noted is to un-sky shat upon from outset denizen of collapse it to once yet never of sudden as if to falter before unto whereof till scatter drift in the blood flecked winds the rat of being in of the other than no contest not a as till nothing of of the cold shoulder a reek of acidic nullity sudden lights the broken bread of breath extracts the flesh through a syringe collapse unto thy din of forgotten blessed be the membrane eradicated from all sensory in the din of night ever-outstretched to bite down upon where the none is the vacancy of shuddering of as in throughout a working of the weight of it given to the obscure it depth what matter of no matter as if to having is closure semblance the nocturne of foreign nothing more to see of the intent as forgotten was in throughout a closure obsolete dead as a lie is a vapour trace of dis-ease till eye what done throughout in nectar of the meat of it to warp & burn in the sickness of dread’s position to beseech of which to burn in ruptured solace the cold black viscid lights tearing asunder what depth till lacerate -repeats- close the eyes the rest will follow it done in by the flesh of it the silence a-breathe what of in dredge a shiv to the throat of measuring turning in the soil of fragrant char of words as of spent cadavers nothing to cling to nothing to silenced throughout closure of the wound the orifice of the mouth stitched across where broken sudden as if to nothing of the before till in-dreaming of a bitter weight skinned what depth of razor solace a cool clean burn a garrotted throat bile vomit piss upon the obsidian flowers of it till graven knocked from the tooth of spell a spillage of bloodless headless attrition silently divulged in an ache of being nothing as what of till nocturne’s onslaught breaking from fever solace of the one thing foreign as of stolen from collapse into in the wrench of nothing ever stretching out into a vague landscape of broken effigies till suicidal teeth bared unto the bereft sun’s light a rupture of lung a stretch from distant realms where to breathe is the occluded spasm specious as where bones to caress the breakage of ashen purposes spit upon a graven sudden to reclaim where declaration be as sky forgotte all walls to having in or of dissipation nothing of the before nothing of the throughout nothing of the breaking bones the shat upon lacking origin effortlessly devoured by the rat of in nor of no longer meaning as fallen into a pit of rotting shit & butchered limbs till sink in the cold haven of soundless collapse where to hence is to sudden disavowal dead tones for the redempt no sounding for the bereft of it no ending of the broken majesty of it fallen unto the transparent the mockery grin of hyenic final breath as if to ache of it were to be beyond what will dragging out the weight of it to the pregnant outstretch where worthless the design is the colour of the expelled lacking any fucking chance of severed warped bodies scattered upon distance visible through a crimson mist desolate the beauty of parched bones the vicious of nullity ablaze cast silhouettes a shadowing across the eye where to maggotling is to abandon ever of cold weight of breathless splice a trace of nocturne vague as silenced it what sense all sensory devoured as to behold is to erase is to eradicate no nothing of the lie it lays it down upon where to nothing having ever of the abattoir of the pissoir light where plumes distaste & where to emaciate is to the discolouring nothing of once said a closed fist an echo nothing of aroundelay it goeth what dreams for the hours that beat in the stripped carcass emptiness silenced from in specious fallen by the wayside where to brace is to having fallen given to never having a reek of shit of carrion not a in the dim forgotten a trace else to fill the sudden scattering of where nothing once of ever all as spoken of irredempt through dead eyes wandering in the lack of being in what speech declaration throughout a closure nullity breaking from the silenteeism an echo trail a vertigo of ever of as if to having nothing of the bled sudden disavowal of all that be as closed of door to electrical cable frenzies scarlet the tone of beseech of riddle it of where if to foreign lapse till ever the return to none of it where shit devoured is the engrained memory given to collide with breathe so sudden as if to nothing neither the other of what skull froze in time’s long discharge of welts of sarcophagus tidal as was frozen walls as once were traced with the fingertips in utter dark the absence viscous as all that it could ever be through sickness dredge of till close of hour lacking of the intent of given unto as a drag of carcass feel lacking any motion in a glimpse of non-percept as the eyes turn to dust and masquerade as having ever of where step non-trace is the bitten ever of till close of wound not a in some circus dreaming the membrane in a vice of subtle colours nothing as before where to turn it cannot into of further fielded given to the bitten of the entrenched devour it speak what of it nothing ever of the surmount of bones to drag from withered lungtish of spelling it all out in shards of frozen meat dense as shit as ever was before yet turning of into throughout in spillage of scarlet emptily where force what spun a candelabra made of human skin to scatter the freshen brittle marrow into where no precipice design as if to merely once & the rupture of all syllabus shadowing the playground of the dead an excise of raw meat stretched across the abyss some secretive design it of which spilling it out as if to ravage all that was with a cold blank stare from the rat of disclosure nothing of where next what of as onwardly into haven lights a shudder of death-will as onwardly no matter it of where speak what drift it closure tongue lessened of where to exhalation bind is the plague of retrospect nothing as before in the dim forgotten roaming throughout the distance where to be is pare away the bones of it netherless the blood it is spilled a carnivore’s delight when sunk white distances play upon as if to light spoken of through trilogy as on into taken from what pillage distances to trace in the acid burn of feel shear of the mebrane nothing as before as was before as having been forgotten in the vague light of nowhow on as once taken from what frenzy absolute till closure of moved to the nausea of having been before where merely to nothing ever is the deathly turning of what shaken purpose as the orchard of bone weight climes to the hilt of the sky’s line all purpose shattered calling cards as one adrift it spoke what terse it tongue as if in throughout what bite sucking down the smoke of agues unforeseen as if to inflamed where the cool caress is of the blanketing of eyes long weary of the cavalcade of the dead till turn of fruitless colourings even to touch the cold dream shattered ice through which the obsidian flowers spread as dust in lung of teasement callused the skin that works long depth of stun eclipse making a mockery of all what spent in distances collision breakage lockage avalanche of frozen tears of the biting into meat stripped of heavenly dissent nothing more valid as if to say that nothing more true than in absolute stripped till lock of final flourish as if to mockery it utters murmurs beneath the breath of disclosure it cannot in some broken verbatim of ever-of a fragmentary shell of scattered tomorrows dead once it says yet dying all the while of which as if to having in the corrupt light breakage as was sudden disavowal null it cannot broken by nothing in the vague tense spillage of bile piss cum & retrospect a dense reclaim a cracked jaw leaking the forgotten tones of the matter merely to seek what din a foreign naught ever-changing its parameters its excise no no nothing in that till closure taint of light a vellum stretch of dissolve wreckage nothing ever held to the bone the flesh penetrated by the if nor when it has as was said till closure of in the which not have throughout listless as if to climb what sun song deaf eye spy what longing in the have of have not till silenced through the amphetamine of ages sickness of which to collapse in the downpour depth of no solace an ache a tryst a breaking forth as if to having in or other climbed what of ever of till laughter long a closed fist a breakage point no distance left to tread through the what will unto the horizon where the sun’s dissolve is merely nothing other than to speak of which cold shoulder a breakage point what closure night to embalm all what of it let it/ if it… 

"(dead tones)" is available via Black Editions

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

From "catascope", published 2018 by Editions du Cygne...

exhales.../pulse beat/...inhales...steps.../pulse beat/...exhales...

(as if it were...)


(...silenced yes/ as if uninhabited dreamt of collapsed unto where blood is once/ once only

...unspoken/ recital lapse of all sense divided as if to say that it/ it cannot be uttered

...stitched shut cold furtive obsolete of lack fruition all for nothing that is little else but else or/ of

...night forever merely absent into through which pupils disappear into un-thinking sound/ chaotic/ emblems

...echoes of blind upon blind in catacomb of speech accordance and yet forever it is said still nothing

...denuded all sense irredeemable there is yet in sun of it from claim of retro-speech speech-replication

...repetition what will refuses to be can only be till cast nothings scattered all blended in clarity of blood disrepair

...yet weightless of eye I yet in dead-speech something never to be erased through severance/ severance

...divulged/ excavation reek of foreign/ else/... and forever forgotten cries from depth as of echo-shatters of what of or/ if

...clasped fists of black ash in definitive endless dark/ some circus dreaming......)

                                                                                  ......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................enters into space non-space of eye non-I eye upon remarks not I remarks nothing  still steps retrieve it cannot

...non-utterance blacklight escapade steps not a trace a trace unveiled revealing none

...all splice all absence as if it could no collapse no merely wavers nothing nothing

...dry hack in distance echo-in

...dry hack a barren sensed/ if/ sound reflexive gathers I recollect blank unsung un-silence

...echoes echoes tide non-tidal tide erased rescinds

...steps past all remark into undone/ vacuum dislodged sight utter absence absent of dark unutterable

...wonders lack cries out echo erased sharp silence

...outreaches traces touch cold surface yes or no blind un-sight un-sound sees nothing cannot other than

...continues traces steps cannot –pause- lapse then other than I that cannot until

...seeks breath inhales exhales spits into the nothing left/ I

...gathers pulse design rejects pulse it cannot I cannot eyes upon absent

...seeks to shatter knuckles emblems not a trace

...expels/ expels

...not a

...(viewed from an externus a silent crushing of/ given trace not a sound recalled nor in/ remaining)

...reclamation –no

...steps into into as if to say that it were in collide of non-dark non-light

...(whispers unto under breath...absently)

...steps silence


...steps on it severance what what dead not a trace of either

...into passage play it seems to be into passage what it appears reappears it cannot be colder than

...flesh is it is it naked or skinned of wheel flesh upon surface damage either if foot after the next as was shown absence of recall erasure


...cannot yet I as if to say that spoken of will gather implements of actual speech

...(inhales retrace in that/ process of division/ not of/ cannot actualise)

...traces finger tips across surface repetitive an inch here or there a breakage point a

...fleshed yes I recall breath-point pulse - 1

...eyes smeared across

...eyes cleared

...echos out once again

...not a sound but for in-step a stepping back into/ or

...unto follow edge given lapse forage silent closed a grit of teeth

...echo enfold erased yes or no eradicate

...step yes or no steps through upon through what it cannot say

...eye lapse no not of the lapse merely tongue dark what darkness I never knew the

...I cold as dead teeth

...chatter again having commenced I feel I cannot other than/ I tuning in the lapse what lapse I in motion lapse no not of the other it is the other than I cannot

...says not for the now

...pared now as if to known other than silenced start stop echo none not a trace

...breath motion firmament yes or no I

...traces fingers against surface sheet blank I question

...I cannot I cannot cease

...not a sound yet I no-not-I echo no echo what not an echo what I have forgotten as if to

...fingertips no light or darkness but for the

...I was never here I am yet what of sudden absent/ drift or if

...eyes roll back into what/ I become of I am not here from what till which claim of outcry erased by not

...exhales inhales pulse beat

...fingertips burn stillness of none

...motion unto

...impossible night I cannot recollect un-stripped of

...I object sentient I recall I cannot other than I in drift am I where of or/ of non-space of purity driven from sense of it cannot be other than no not of the purity in

...I trace I follow where I cannot other than nothing/ nothing

"catascope" is available here

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Sketch - 08/ '19 (from (dead tones))

…of to the eye that guts the milk teeth from children’s nightscapes of final sleep deprivation hollow the edge of tears as of frozen parameters to taste where to bone upon frozen winds ashen absence redempt is the lung listless tar in the veins of breathless perambulance where to scars that are scattered as of dead words of blood & silence to abide by the absence of desire is to speech dies in a vault of shit & solvency in the reek of tears cold ashen promise oxide to build it as of unknown mockery collapse it to strip from haven promise the lungs cast aside in a worship of malignance scuttle as of lapse through frozen lighted collision apathetic is the eye till broken shadows piss upon a cold stone grave where to prey of which once known is to collapse the skies torn down as of a theatrical curtain centre-stage of obsolete where to breathe is to love of which frozen in exile broken bodies to dispel as lack & piercing shadows to burn in the collision build of what once known broken by speechless shadowing never having been accounted for as an open wound sky’s pelt crawls across the sands of nothing ever of where to rot is to forage in the without of terror’s lock upon some skinned appeal striation burning colours the like of which never before seen as once what of throughout at the edge of exist to the edge reclamation nothing to beg of a frozen solace of withdrawal as if to having once eye alone to speak collision frenzy a grit of teeth the jaw taut kaleidoscopic tremor an ache in the rhythm of speechless having come before as to ejaculate upon a broken body snapped of which the spinal cast in frozen mists traceless the desire of which eye longing for to ever of to carve the benign a sleepless wonder stripping the shadowing from nothing of as to tear from given of unto collapse into a pit of gilded razors bloodily to expiration throughout which long shadow of the damned to fall as the precision of final is to mockery of the once was known throughout to burn of eye as eye sees eye collapse into the anguish of extrication a bitten trace of it carving the dead lie of it to the marrow’s touch specious as if to withheld ever of to taste as speech dies down whittling out the bones from the interior out unto as if to drift in collision of what matter solace fuck it shit upon a gaping wound a dressage of gilded teeth no matter of it spoken as once frozen to the essence of reclamation one final excise to collapse into where to having been is to colourless broken slaughter as tears build in the gallows’ tongue to trace across the neck of stone haven breathless to devour as of once till shadowy demise the laughter of children’s expel shadowing a fragment a longing for in thee taste of terror at the edge of the grave where to build from is to collapse into where sufferance is to stitch the wound until it heals nothing of throughout to see of it where screams to elected to in the burn of rot nothing of the before as effortless of in a demise of scarlet offerings the hands that shake the frozen emptily to caress where to of is to rip the flesh from bones that care nothing for the exist that bind them as wounds to birth break through the silentium of traces ever-echoing an ever reverberation tide to subdue the skinned light piercing the bled for tomorrow a skeletal reveal through torn flesh of drift a shiv a testimony of shattered emblems of the sickness that collapses nocturne ice a bathe in aptitude where tremor spasm strips the night no answer of in the echoes of traceless oxide a frozen realm of pitch as shadowy nocturnes burn of bloody waste scattered frugally the bones of children warped by an absent sun dislodgement breathe skinned of eye lies down with the starved canines of nothing ever as traceless to taste a dissipating shadow birthed from some other of where to nectar fleshed of razor eclipse to taste blood a vacancy of roundelay is to given lock of speech as the skull dislodged in motion of speech kicked from solace to breathless at the edge crossed over nothing to observe there nothing of what matter in ever of dispel cold currents of lightless flow as if to mimicry of silhouette to reclamation null & void given of the once to follow breakage oxygen traces a caress in the night a folding of a blood-caked cloth cast across the absent desert to shadowing as if to echo that to turn aside to an indifference given to recall in the listless ennui of scattered fragments of teeth upon ashen sands discarded blood to sudden as if to to devour the shit of all that once held to be a closed room a sarcophagus a catacomb of graven assault the body vacant as if to burn in lapse all said nothing ever of it to close of wound a build in the iced corridors of decimation psychosial death where warp of meat upon a smear fleshed bone overtures in the sharp shock edge of recognition some dissolve adrift through- out as of a skyline foreign yet discernible through burning windows a kiln of irredempt as to loss of touch taste & smell merely the depth where breath to recognise as the boundless limit of dislocation removes the stitches that bind the membrane within the fruitless skull of in-dreaming as it speaks of else a descent into from out of which as skinned as before the lungs to evaporate the mouth to drown out slowly upon the acrid shit of being where to utter of is to collects the rag & bones from some gutter’s tread beneath the scum weight of exaltation…

…(broken emblems of eye line the sands where the bones of breath are a teasement of desire & avaricious intent an incapacity a spurious collision of extension as skinned of weight all along it matters little a before an aftermath a collage of sickness scattered aloft from the lungs of given evernothing of it as a mockery of teeth trace violent colourings of a slaughterhouse breathe of what nectar eyeline flung to the hyenic laughter speechless tint closure of some other wound a breakage of vacant solace collects in haven nothingness to carve the adroit ever to dispel mocking the wound to a collapse of furious intend in an abort of echoing silences)…

"at this monolith of text, poetic nevertheless, one stumbles and at first gets asphyxiated by its denseness, incessant buzz of information and at once also, the dissolvence of this information into its steroidic motorizing, dissolved as if where meaning threatened to form it is in ridicule and selective alliteration, associativism, lexicologic tightly fitted maconry of intuitive wordsuccessions (i.e.: poetry) it is poetry and at the same time its meta-poetry following it as a shadow. in micropatches we get antitactical and hence, accurate information of an Endsocius, sometimes, often, beautifully worded, often crass and unbearable hell, stench begotten circumstantial. this is the new post-post poetry. if we want to mirror the schizophrenia, psychosis of our sociuses, then here it is done with the utmost accuracy." 

Aad de Gids

"(dead tones)" is available via Black Editions

Now available, "(dead tones)" -- Michael Mc Aloran

“…this is the new post-post poetry. if we want to mirror the schizophrenia, psychosis of our sociuses, then here it is done with the...