Thursday, 20 September 2018

6 pieces from "all null having", published 2018 by VoidFront Press

decibel overture of night’s collapse into/ fleshed lest of rigour trace of one singular edge sudden as if to grace what when/ mute tones of sarcophagus traces of design’s lock of syllabus detritus cast/ what will obscure colourings eye’s undone/ some given less than taken skinned lock-lapse walls wombs of lightless suffocate nothing of from final sky unfelt/ (the) extinguish in grip of shadowing/ a caress of teeth dragging pelt white-lock through viscous sands/ nocturnes scattered given to parasite where one wound burning colourless obscure wrestles with silken tread/ it-bones what gathered from broke stone silences/ automaton steel echoing in kaleidoscopic hemorrhage stead will what as if to say it will what/ =/ weight blind echo of unfelt/ not a…/ nor (the) other than as if there were ever any/ winds cascade into final lung/ shred of vocal light/ carrion atrophate sheltered by skin/ ever of/ some steps into… 

…cold colours in coagulate of flesh echo-echo neither left find skull of dreaming-in sudden as if to expire once spoken else/ shard of unlocked bulb of heart drenched in shit offered up unto devour lack taste shadowing spitting out plumes of/ cracks not no knuckles bled meat sways as of some orchid’s kiss unto winds we laughter-long/ stun-collide/ hollow knock upon marble surface cleans away some bloody trace/ cum dead lock-weight desire’s fruit (the) stench of rotting silence uprooted/ (we-it)/ eye-lit/ echoing wounds spec-ial black lack end pock-marked desire’s long circus parameter/ as all away to/ grains of shadow caressing (the) broke bone sky-lit/ as all for as for of into from which till no collides with one singular purpose given unto forgotten in instance/ knowledge putreformed/ putrefied/ veranda of cold mist/ (waves farewell to non-space in given absent trace)…

…stairwell descends/ rescinds/ expands eye in/ vulture kisses from blackened teeth skinning apart (the) abattoir disgust of absurd trace collapse burning in mist of final edge of razor light/ syringe taste upon dry tongue what world to a/ to break/ a/ …/ not a forage nor a whisper collapsing into dawn effortlessly divided (where words form prayers to)/ where words form prayers for dissipation-disease fled unto/ what as if in it/ it/ fingers to cauterize (the) bleak blood tide screaming silently/ shines some un-fled sun given from out of taken distance tasted skull-depth acrid azure skinning (the) teeth of purpose blind/ subterfuge of light/ spasm of some locked hold in/ see (the) white sheer in mind it burns black what static else ever unto colourless appeal/ in a suicide of retribute trimming (the) fat from meat most real dense viscous tar no better than/ yet in/ and yet/ of or other than/ unspoken edge lack severance…

…bones roll out unto dis-ease closed shiv refrain/ ghost limb silences from some beyond where nothing resides gnarled flesh din disclosure outwardly/ it-spoke silenced from onset nowhere/ insert/ hyenic salve/  lung eye-die closed wound expel not a/ outro-spective collapse what will in cull of hours/ dead speeches for cracked lights obscene given to expire cold weight/ it-eye/ shard of breath/ static-collision of as if what said ever-fading/ stretch wind broken lock/ stitches together where climb is naught/ onwardly burst wound lack exigency of some sudden naught’s emptily/ given from taking from given take(n) of/ rolling out dressage of final flourish subtle as if to expire what once calling out into/ echo-echo dead/ in (the) black of/ rotting words cold colours dead till dawn’s respoke/ breaking  from given less that was what of till ever-null/ shine a light/ translucent bones/ vibrate of/ crying out of…  

…funereal collision/ purpose of non-breath scarred division clear as light(less)/ eye spat out regalia of tears dry sands eager to corrode where skin is absenteeism/ blood to wrestle in ever-blind-cold-striate/ stigmata machinery churn of over-clot blood winds/ craven dusts expanding out through bloodless laughter unto/ no force nor gestural/ bind-white/ there or other a sun forgotte/ skull exposed/ blank din of occult whisperings nowhere possible from outset-onset/ (I-remembers the…)/ blank tones/ not a/ traceless senseless devour eye-clad in fecal of redeem nothing more from given unto give/ collision funereal where now as if to collapse stone walls no cylindrical promise/ translucent all as if could ever/ fragrant nullity pissoir of dreaming pulse long sheared/ fragment eye-dies is recollected re-born/ stammering allwhile through breath-stained nothing’s claws throughout/ dragging out (the) pelt of sheared screams/ no exist to offer…     

…ashen promise of detritus unsung drags from out of corpus flagellate desire for one thing absent of/ unsung from traces wastage of design from out which collapse/ pulse dry rhythm not a trace from shadow-lock/ (bites off the head of a…)/ autosuggestion  breakage nothing clad in papyrus binds/ eye has nothing/ devours (the) frozen self no nothing more/ it-speak/ reek/ lapse-eye dead for endless tomorrows that it will not speak of/ never once/ spinal outcry some trace through the dark/ cares not for the jot/ (the)/………………………………nothing-nothing/ wilted wounds of tearing tears for a ha’penny no will to exert as if to say that/ cold stone (the) winter wound/ reflex of undone where auto-breath cannot be held or other than/ a wound’s laughter pisses upon where dank division collides with spasm entrail silences/ cold shoulder/ it waxes/ it wanes/ it cracks breaks asunder eye/ locked to (the) char of night/ breathless out…   

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"all null having a careening plunge thru strangeness of serotonin amplified perverse conceptual integrity/futurity caught up in the vectors of cerebral collisions/words railing against the Cartesian grid/space of thoughts hollowed out ungrounded heresy of linguistic discontinuity/an enciphered probability of multiple meanings defying de-construction pushed to the threshold of the limit of Blanchot’s Book to Come/A post human masterpiece/”
--Lee Beckworth, author of ‘Savage the Warning Signs’

“all null having” is a joyful apparition from the future-in-us, an Artaud/Guyotat-inspired example of feeding-forward fatal-error performance-writing, and a masterful poetic fictionalization of the meandering ways of non-rational logic. Deployed as patterned assemblages of seizing sentences that challenge the illusion of both continuity and discontinuity, “all null having” explores the continuosly emerging bursts of unnatural, beyond-risk decay embedded in the perceived order.
--Germ├ín Sierra, author of “Standards”  

Some poems from "The Black Vault", (VoidFront Press 2017)


rat’s tooth
bone kiss

sea of marrow
sea of flesh

a blackened sky through
which the carnival rides

a bleached moon
salve of no purpose

a retort

scraped from the banquet
of the skull

in my dreaming I die
meat dissolving in frozen light

the blade bites deep
strikes vein

kiss of the skyline

words retract into flesh erased by
the depths of the void

bone tooth
sea of rats

kiss of marrow
sea of flesh

in my dreaming my death-stripped flesh
burning to ashes

a black vault opens
the eyes roll back

a taste of blood

a smear
of electric light


the winds have

the assassin

breaking from the
corners of

the finality of the sky

churned flesh gutters like
a final flame

the teeth rip the skull to
shredded laughter

the meat of the impoverished
tongue wilts in the

of desire’s quarry

the nothingness of listless stone

the breath expired escapes
like a whipped canine

the assassin walls shed frugal tears
the cracked skin of nothing ever

splits beneath the veils

wordless smiles devoured traced by the
skin of the dark

the cold weight etched

void of elixirate
of purity

the Shadow breathes in endlessly

burning grating flesh

at the edge of the abyss
the true laughter of denuded ice

words the eviscerations that
the silence feeds upon

as the silence



obliterated sun

a jugular bled

beneath the shadow
of night’s sky

a bulb of laugher

in the
delight of death

the breath is night also
a harlequin desire

in a gilded locked cage

the sequins of the winds drag
the entrails

from the blood-streaked dark

a collision of bone the charity laid to waste
in a labyrinth of laughter

the fingers trace the edge of the blade
skull of exhumed particles of rotting blood-

soaked sands
laid to rest in the death of X.

(X. reeks of filth in the silent amber of
The artificial light)

a shattered window of existence fades out
the embalming night endless peels from the earth...

a smear of the grave-digger

in violent coloured smiles

in violent coloured smiles
draped shroud of atrophic wasted funereal tears


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6 pieces from "all null having", published 2018 by VoidFront Press

… decibel overture of night’s collapse into/ fleshed lest of rigour trace of one singular edge sudden as if to grace what when/ mute to...