Thursday, 4 November 2021

'no indistinto esquecido(s)' now published by Barco Bêbado


'in dim forgotte(n)', originally published by Infinity Land Press & now available in Portuguese as 'no indistinto esquecido(s)' from Barco Bêbado. With thanks to Jorge Pereirinha Pires for translation & also to editor Emanuel Cameira...

You can get the book directly here

Sunday, 17 October 2021

Monday, 11 October 2021

Anthology - Infinity Land Press - 01/ 10/ 2021



Stephen Barber - Philip Best - Martin Bladh - Michael Carter - Dennis Cooper - Paul Curran - Zac Farley - Brad Feuerhelm - Steve Finbow - Devin Horan - Marc Hulson - New Juche - Shane Levene - Michael Mc Aloran - Hector Meinhof - Jeremy Reed - Michael Salerno - Jack Sargeant - Gary J. Shipley - Jukka Siikala - S. M. H - Audrey Szasz - - Eugene Thacker - Karolina Urbaniak

Hardbound, 312 pages, 148 x 210mm  

ISBN: 978-1-8382803-2-1

Edited by Steve Finbow

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Monday, 26 July 2021

'Newer Louche', by Aad de Gids & Michael Mc Aloran, now available from Oneiros Books

"this book sits on top of a hill, looking around. it has no pretentions nor expectations. it is a duowriting booque, again, so that quadruples something. what is in the book is derailment, distortion, dadaism, postpostism, neowriting when not lamenting but, heralding there is nothing more left. without postneo trippunk endjazz however we're going NOT. there is noise. in the book is encapsulted in language what escapes language. the visuals comprise what escapes on all sides. every other writing with more positivist aims is bullshit. the book is a kind of neodebris, to use in the future. on satellite IX, brains totally fried hearts shredded to pieces. life is gone through with speed 240 or 340."

It is available via Oneiros Books


Thursday, 17 June 2021

Artwork from 'Obsidian Flowers'/ (selected 2010 - 2020)/ Oneiros Books

Artwork from "obsidian flowers/ (selected work 2010 - 2020)/ Oneiros Books, available here

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Saturday, 12 June 2021

'Obsidian Flowers'/ (selected writings/ 2010 - 2020) published by Oneiros Books


"obsidian flowers/ selected writing/ 2010 - 2020)", which includes an introduction by Dr. Arthur Broomfield, is available here from Oneiros Books

Thursday, 3 June 2021

A short review of 'The Zero Eye', published 2014 by Oneiros Books

 "If Mc Aloran's antipoetry today functions as a virtual hadron collider wherein words relentlessly rush against each other in a blind escape from the gravity of intentional meaning, this 2014 publication seems, by contrast, somewhat more pregnant with rarefied though recognizable emotions, at least by virtue of the relatively shorter lines. Here, Mc Aloran still appeared caught between the ecstatic agoraphobia of a Bataillean sky and the dim claustrophobia of a Beckettian cellar; nevertheless, the poet's trajectory always veered toward the posthuman spacelessness in which he now clearly operates. This book, however, contains such indelible phrases evocative of a perpetually endangered sensibility that it is worth a few late night readings. "Shave the air with violet", "vortices that grace the skull's interior" and "stratosphere of bled": honorable mentions from the first three poems..."

The book itself is available from Amazon, here

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Wednesday, 5 May 2021

'paralysis gestures', (Oneiros Books), reviewed by RJ Dent


Michael McAloran’s paralysis gestures could be a book of lyrics by David Bowie; it could be a cut-up novel based on texts by William S. Burroughs and/or by Samuel Beckett. ‘… take up thy bones & rot…’ says the novel’s narrator, in the midst of a series of urgent missives from the future to an often inattentive present. paralysis gestures, in its form, in its content, and in its minimalist style, is a novel of mordant epigrams. ‘…failure in suicide is also one of the greatest of shames…’ says the Shakespeare-parodying narrator on page 40. The pages of paralysis gestures are filled with prayers for the living or curses for the dead, and often both simultaneously. And those words, which could have been taken directly from Scott Walker’s great unwritten novel, also tell us a great deal about Michael McAloran’s ongoing project with language, and how he has to mute the multiple meanings of words in order to extract one potent singular meaning. It’s a risky experiment, but in paralysis gestures, the experiment works and the language lives. And dies. And is resurrected. Reading Michael McAloran’s paralysis gestures is a painful, but cathartic experience. It is the perfect twenty-first century novel. The last words of this review are, perhaps fittingly, by the author of paralysis gestures: ‘…dead zones no not a…nothing ever of…no not on…nothing next to follow…burns all the while in citrus flame…paralysis gestures &…breakage of what matter…’

"paralysis gestures" is available via Oneiros Books

Friday, 23 April 2021

'paralysis gestures' -- Oneiros Books 04/'21


"Michael Mc Aloran's words are a miserable requiescats of the flesh, creating a gravitational laceration in the dark. The betrayed open system of flesh ridicules the erosion of the soul and just keeps cursing the twist of gravity." (
Kenji Siratori
Hard covers.
Printed on black glossy paper.
You can buy it here:

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Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Excerpts from 'TRIAD', published by Oneiros Books...


…in-stricken of/ from out of/ through (the) dead light breath broken valves of night nowhere left to follow(s)/ onwardly dissipated silenced as closure eye redempt of none/ a bitter sting a foreign lapse space-lack devour/ else what/ of some besiege scuttling of dead ice-blind absence/ shadowy nocturne/ frozen azure given to expire/ it-bitten cold weight settling in (the) warped bones (the) nothing of/ sensed of/ electrical vibrate given to flourish in severed collage of breath’s restless to become or other than/ (it must lest it commence)/ sharp stung eye lie/ bitter some aftertaste eviscerated lack of tearing limb from limbs from foreign else/ non-speech resolve premise sudden to expire scattered teeth blossoming into nothing ever other than/ skulled lest of stone ache fractures silences of/ shadow of all/ breath unto yet or of or in until/ in-stricken of blind weight/ traceless as/ in depth to end/ of (the) exhale of null/ (the) suffocate of all throughout/ echo/ echoing out…


abject design in a collision of subtle membrane/ skinned one thousand dreams sarcophagus of light breaking forth into open visceral nights/ long echo-desire/ here there or hereafter/ some door to close (the) room to/ follow endless/ an unmarked grave of silences given to taste severed stricken a-breathe spoke stone division endless ever as if to detrace/ trace/ retrace following on from gathered onward/ eye lights it is un-skied to hilt drop sheen reflect non-speech vocal as collapse stillness to gather in parched throat/ blood to taste gathering in (the) infant bones and sacral knowledge of scattered dead flies/ perhaps seeds to bleed unto having bled escapade eye of blood fragment all traced from nucleus given to shadowing/ it yet it is bitter yet a whipped canine’s tears satiate breathing no more than phlegm spat in the face of desire’s shadowing occluded simulacrum/ terse between one shadow/ not a trace nor given unto/ as if to… 


eye-skies with (the) little/ shod black stung-lapse of/ in/ ever of/ collapse in-dread forage null till bone shatter bruised bloody fleshed veranda give or taken silenced/ absence of/ till colour-claim effortlessly designed desire for (the) one thing seeking vengeance tones/ lock-trace/ a caress/ sheared skull blessed a relapse nothing given nor taken it/ out-stretched wings a kiss of cold sands where no sun is birthed/ funereal tide/ dead what once/ fades out once more in paradigm of shit/ dread lock once forgotte (the) broken body of signature/ slashed wrists here now a sanguine trace recollects/ (in night to trust)/ onwardly says (the) naught/ din of cold closure a doorway dragged from listless tidal as/ oxygenate of  nothing ever some lapse or another’s claim/ breeds pageantry silences working till hollow tint a painted trace/ outro/ (steps once diameter ever no motion beyond)/ peeling final from stricken blood/ ice in (the) veins/ eye spied…


 ...from further step’s disintegrate/ unsung shod black ilk blood collectively divined in emblems realms of/ what if what done was never of it-spoke/ no not once/ design clad purpose shattered given unto final outstretched melts away beneath sun’s absent light of absence ever/ fury weight a spliced eye tributary in colourless appeal as of waxen/ walls shed stung flux lack ever-din what circus dreamt of given unto expire/ scattered words/ here or of another/ bone shatters (the) torn lapse opening out word-lie/ outwardly all disregard final as all null having/ stitched stitching apart (the) wound foreign collision bethement obscure runs (the) machine scuttling for shadows deft as ice as forgotten of/ not a from outset’s promise culling (the) dead wastage of tide through flesh spurious to outcry/ where what if/ (the) cracked skull leaking promise calling (the) wilted blood petals home/ exhalation dredged from naught unto/ ever unto/ outspoken/ unto silenced/ all…


...nowhere is to be of this in this of nothing ever merely naught counts it out shadow upon where from what matter all traces have erase denounce cast off useless detritus collision with no not on a spillage of null where night is ever-lack lack motion of forgiven trace without form broken emblems sieve of purpose what collect as of a faggot of bound limbs skinned of purpose where of not on no nothing of through breach it said all done non-speech non-claim echo echo broke absurd clamour of din light burn into where whisper claims where depth devours yet depth what depth colour to claim some seek of purpose a crack of sky alone cataract of nothing next to have nothing of in reveal of sudden as if to expire it is not going anywhere other than it ever of in of where of in ever if what if or ever none what in of ever before a butcher blade cold chase of slaughter night of long knives as if to say that broken as in which no not of ever of unto having commence yet nowhere ever on what spoken said without lack stillness dread of come day neither night of savior promise of reflect upon having been nowhere in nothing on no never collapse into where of taken from having been in paralysis where on is none or no traceless as have if as of no not a where walls disintegrate transparency of all in recollect of faint trace spill it out of it out nothing ever of...


...on it laughter unto nowhere be unto nowhere have of been unto where of in now then what for after-long forgotten cold shadow neither left nor right merely fall asunder stray ask asks of it collapse into thy dread a dream a fragment as if to momentary of relapse sudden as if to expire drag of none & asp denounce till take of nothing for sustenance breath lapse weight vapor tone stray astray choke upon word/s unform where prayer for broke speech clamor of rat throughout a given onslaught of terse wind what a scent of blood stricken head of vast of miniscule breathless denounce collision depth hard cold shoulder of nowhere on a-lapse till vacuous expel through erasure of knock from frozen blood of no whereof to serve in hyenic pelt a nestle of bone to sickness have of some have-not slowly to break throughout tread back-step in yet nothing ever of as if to once dry eyes there or other of nothing on in none of fragment insert nowhere on throughout where only if in progress is to demise through blood sick light echo drain where once was of stricken from disease of what what dis-ease till lapse unto murmurs from dead silences lack & desire where shadow breathes it lung into agape open up of wound agaze into as if to ever of in foreign fragment of scattered through of once of only of never of forgotten of in where what of some ever of as merely if...




...bound blackened meat of some effortless fragrant of whereof dusted realms coat some expose smear by design of which whereof strip of what of echoflesh nothing ever scatters dawn light across what of what wishful nocturne to become impenetrable night all...



...agape choke upon stone tongue close of eye as if to have ever null & vacant observe shadow of breath cull of dead what what opulent shit in veins flung unto canine jaws (sicken) unto breath what speech what echo as if to spill it all out knock of some thrice design nectar laughter teasement of reek a corridor of none what of through ever closure of seclusion stasis & if in which taken from none closure of wound seared shut nowhere on into nothing ever in yet exile of forgotten forgets it ever-stitch what claim/ until...



...clears throat what echo-still of breach forgotten a silence of nullity tear of lack from limb lack expel what nothing having ever whereof colour claim as if to have of ever-in solace of devour colour tidal noose bite deep come collide with depth no answer have of given to stretch eaten of till bones exposed nothing of some dusk foreign lapse of view taken from where cast upon eye lapse into from out of sudden to expire recede into where none of some struck out blood to taste a reek of atrophic cheer drag out where sky of night bear down upon eye recall have or have not ever-shadow of cold dead teeth in laughter echo adrift of spastic abort of spastic spasm whole as if to where nowhere breathe upon given to gift what further of no not some on where nothing in of which is some dreaming else of in-dream cut short where sinew taste waste attrition fall to none what parry to aside nothing said have of ever if through which cold depth no nowhere of in on it was said scatter of poison seeds & desolate no nothing of having if in through which foreign storm of occlude(ed) piss upon flowerate knowing nothing of where pageant grows it does not refutes till breakage of never once all drought fallen from as if to say that what once was once will never rupture callous in of of weight stretching out some vellum tide a bitter terse a lock a wither of hand spillage of some unquantifiable liquid neither blood nor cum nor as on into whereof forgotten in an instance breath where fingers ache & warp throughout skies upheaval of mesh strip skin headless abort closure of some nothing ever no not a...     


…asks of…ever of the bind-breathe…fallen unto measure of…spat out the wings of long forgotten else…night for blood & a…cold depth of denuded all stepped alone…breakage nullity of herein where not of a in or of nor nothing be…strip solace…broken bones scattered across rotting floorboards…dense will end rising up to splendour eye’s disregard…a sentence a frenzy of…turns into cannot other than where to have neither of the held close the door…bathes in the eclipse of meat…hyenic/ the blood to flow…effortlessly consumed …where traceless of what in of/of the desire for the garotte…spoken of through silence break/ shrift…the shattered teeth of exodus & the laughter of echoing in the core of breath…reflexive…taint without longing breakage colours of all spoken for…silence as if there were any other than where to sever/no/a ghost-limb fallen silt…passes through one surface unto another…till trace forgotten never of the spe/cial bound by walls constructed of…glass works & the snare of teeth breakage valve of purposeless driven by the desire to final…laconic…no nothing of that yet of the disappearance of yes what matter as if to choke unspoken…dead as…rip of flesh in an outcry of blood & meat…the vocal of it sounds out from out of severance…nothing of the matter a taste of for it forgotten erasure pageant depth kisses of the forgotten…the null light permeate…there go the fingers useless implements…flung to the dogs of…as all that be was never once…neither from the outset nor the outset other than…plumes of…reflections of…nothing…of…




…cold reflect of blood shed where to…genuflect of some final reaching for…slap to the face begins again…having forgotten cannot…it-surface of blind light reflect of null that cannot…broken glass rupture through which it can or only through the eyes of the silence broken only by…torn to shreds in bask of territory…spitting out the shit force-fed it can only…never yet as…tension light arrested flesh the body broken entity of nothing ever in where trace of languish collapses into foreign…taste waste attrition…bone dice a winter pageant…the roots reach for the nothingness as if else were to be of any…spit tongue lapse…dense accord…there is laughter yet no more…begins again false promise remembers…rat reflect…rat from out of which…keener the eye of some ballast a frozen fragment …dense what will in salve no nothing of the blood…froze light breathe…black casket room of nowhere out as if there ever could have been…spills of entrails from eviscerate a soundless speech neither the speechless nor the following after…hyenic the blood continue to flow until…bled out…nothing of it black polka soundless penetration vibrate of…sees eye see…not a…nothing for this… nothing of that or…ever of the taste of shit in the mouth in the reek of fumes arising from the virgin sands freshly placed before in any given hourglass…as kicked from once of one throughout kicked from one until what of in ever till…as the bleed of which is ever the closure wound non-viable…all as sung through a talus closure of the bloom of razor discharge cascade of breathless speech of the words that never could… 



…zero breath of the hands outstretched reaching for the…rat is the sequence pulse it does not sleep…devours the film of else upon the eye given that the…scab form depth of surface skin & the stitch-mark colouring…it done desire of the space between the shadow & the…null vacancy of final ever throughout as passage until no nothing of the desire what hence cleft of the silence within silence reverberate…sunk slow what if…breaking upon where bones flow sanguine absently caressed by the lapse of ever…till dense all song…night what of it…tears away the skin of promise to writhe in the shit of being of it…in it…mark what trace till obsolete…annihilate of all but never of in through which of the bereft silence never having uttered once than ever of till foreign…till closure no…the flesh warps in upon itself cold shadow longing spread across the body vocal…night is what shadow left behind for nothing of as if to see it…till cast aside in the absent region of where nothing of…dig deep…stone harvest…lest to flow as on it into which a broken jaw a filigree a word a series of cannot without any measure…lack & all throughout where the pit of which is the solace of the fucked from the outset promised nothing other than no design was ever…the broken body vocal smashed to shrapnel as before merely to reclaim that which it cannot merely broken the vocal of what not listless as before…yet in of which in spasm lock it-lung closure the tomb of long forgotten…as on with uttering none…sound cascading into… crack a bone unsung…it sayeth of…terse devour of the collapse as sheet metal snaps down to taste as the silence bites silently down upon/upon where trace non-light is the unforgotten…spits it out…




"TRIAD" is available via Oneiros Books

'no indistinto esquecido(s)' now published by Barco Bêbado

  'in dim forgotte(n)', originally published by Infinity Land Press & now available in Portuguese as 'no indistinto esquec...