Monday, 13 February 2023

'ghostmeat', Incunabula Media, 2023


NOW AVAILABLE via Incunabula Media
'...images of absence, eroded texts, the memory of desire,
no longer even the reproduction of our alienation, but the reproduction of a reproduction,
phantoms plucked from the dreaming pool of a machine,
words left behind by the receding tide of collapsed culture...'

Now available: 'swarm black lights', Oneiros Books, 2023


'SWARM BLACK LIGHTS' my collection of gnomic, experimental prose poetics & abstract paintings:
'...swarm stasis eclipse terse knock(ed) from shadow-limb coil of wrung blood black secretion tension wild eye shatter of glasswork(s) closest of extension nothing bearing less than down what of till silence traces obsidian liquid night long edge of fathom closure voiceless…
…tied tongue wrestling shade upon echo film surface coat black blood & shining certain as if once emblem cold colours distance lock night(less breath)e) taken from extension riddled to fit from fitful cast from flesh char edge nothing as before all called once more exposure swarm black light(s)…
…echo-black once swallowed as if to collect the curse drain light butchers syllabic with gilt of trace of hand restoration ever-claim secretion emblems aftermath sudden less than cold distance ever-once coil of curled tongue a drapery of light to flow in silenced rooms surface tension(s)…
…flay slash what mark what watermark of closed abandon effortlessly benign cut to the marrow’s eye till breadth of wing sing sung bitten broke stone meat wrench of nothing ever closed/ syllabic as once was in echo lapse intone spit black rejectile detrimentarium exhale reclaim ever clearer…'
Available via here: Oneiros Books

Sunday, 15 January 2023

5 poems 2014/ image 2022

strikes ash

meld of

given unto ever lack known of which

eye strikes


the tongue singed

the teeth of it


bone flux of null beneath subtle breathe


as if to parry

lost to the

play of light half-bitten


echoes ever

marrow never


zone what

once what


ever the…

eye says not of which


no not oceanic

barely a

no not a word it

cannot no it

the tongue’s castration

ember eye

cascading as of tomb

in given none

it says

barely recognisable

zero point

zone what else


obscenely the masquerade

bites down

dense what

accord of

echoes breathless terse


no distance no

the stationary voice



so says the echoing

a precision bite

insular as


flayed no it yet will


blank light reverberate

sight or else

else there

what there or


pisses freely in the wind

dense heart what heart to ask of

what I or purpose

or the vitreous sheen of little else


in shit

bailing out for

the blood

of the one/ none

in the death of


wordless as before


without capacity


having been

as if to say it were

as if

proclamation of what

once if

dead stop/ cease with it

colliding with the

sudden if

the vibration of


not answering

all the while the turning to the flex

the jarring

in damage light


no none of that

the voice’s reclamation of teeth

skinned we

night no dark in it


Monday, 5 December 2022

from 'paralysis gestures'/ Oneiros Books 2022


"Michael Mc Aloran's words are a miserable requiescats of the flesh, creating a gravitational laceration in the dark. The betrayed open system of flesh ridicules the erosion of the soul and just keeps cursing the twist of gravity."

Kenji Siratori

...scarred without longing/ there’ll be the stasis of it the hearse of the ever-laughter spun lest from out of darkened/ choke/ dead space and an empty pageant’s shadow…


…sick try for the waken. call cards no flowering sight. stay ashore. breathe pageant mock sun light froze closure eye. all still what lessen echo. sky-fold origami azure. (repeat)...


...rock back forth neither gesture silent hands all foreign. abort free lock hold bespeech climb no vertebrae silence will what no do. penchant forget. ask it pane it. no sound just as be should. belive. believe. cannot recollect of how or what for either matters/ no...


...till live take up thy bones & rot as circus growth indigenous colours bland faith accord. nothing of the matter of asphyxiate cold shoulder treble tremor sky alone blessed what till mark take up thy live thy ocular concede...


...turning towards where the fragrance lies there is no torrent of applause in the intrinsic silence burn desire of (-ing-) burn of in all sanguine repertoire irrepair collective fine line given drunk close door forget foreshadow longing laughter. ever-breakage...

= too soon the door ajar & the jaded shadow shed left behind as if to breathe of it were to of in an elixir of vanquished the night no further step once two/ step not once...


Now available from &

Tuesday, 8 November 2022

Excerpt from 'longshadowfall', Editions Du Cygne 2017

…in a collapse of prism purpose prism failure some blood to taste a withered lightless/ intent driven from the beyond nor which artery climate/ sudden to exhale silver smoke a trace of desire/ nothing to see or other to move along unto lacks distance ever-way trace of malign feature blind eyes burning out of their socket graves where charred teeth chatter/ solace what sun a diseased railing against some other than/ an unknown pageantry of sense disintegration/ sudden to recollect exhalation of razor entity deals in death-cards/ empty traces/ nothing more than spelling it out words unraveling/ it/ what equates with soundless sound tearing some trace from vibration nights till dredged becoming else collision collide/ falter/ ex nihilo collide from out of none a face obliterated skyline chalice of bone warped lights lapse stillness pared amber colourless appeal/ outstretched arms that limply fall to some circus paradigm obsolete devoured sands in throat/ colossus shadowing of breath spoken dead once all bled some solace never unto ever what struck from opus lock an unturned key/ design desire breath spat out forage glimmer appeal till obsolete shudder taste climbs through cannot no way unto having other than of foreign silence beckoning/ till clear cut what cut clear glass spattered with lice bloody child exclamation mark stench reek piss faculty breathe some slaughterhouse irredempt/ falters none in none no nothing of till tilt tint of shadowing no longer dry clear in asking of forgotten/ knocking for some final some what or if given unto dreaming forgotten/ else collision rotting nothing/ exile of bleed/ a foreign disclosure discharge fallen wrenched from sacrosanct not a breath till worship driven from out of breath/ sunk eye in dog shit ever on display/ what lung eye given a trace of dead airs a fading musicality a dreaming next to follow further onward into nothing/ tapered goes some light’s lapse all blood marrow taste collision nothing further to gain/ so says what/ once passed upon/ a silhouette a foreign banquet at which to dine alone for all time set in human meat/ bones of long speech desire lapses in and out of speech cannot through death’s relapse an orchard of none/ spoke eye all dredged regardless vomitous unspoken words respoken not a trace gathering by winds origin of not a trace designed by edge to overcome collapse unto/ eye dredged lapse and then apart lung laughter on/ (to where)/ not on no ever-on into none no none is/ obliterate/ not a trace nor sound no nothing gouged out in instanced breath/ at vacuum’s edge where speech treads gracefully upon terror’s absolution/ obliterated by none corpus strikes out into nothing ever cold chase of echo-echo bleeds taste of discharge unlike blood opiate of desire/ a rip of cold flesh bone rupture hollow ashes scattered upon limbs that beg unto where nothing ever cold chase of echo-echo blood unlike/ scarred unto breathing stun dead flux abortive recollect shale struck bone flex flesh of disregard heavenly to touch winds gilded none lesser for what stone wind’s design opening out unto/ reflex of else that will not/ no/ not a suffuse throughout what dead pulse rocking back and forth in darkness exhalations of final speech ever recoiling/ blending with collective traces no nothing non-voice a blend of tears and/ (regards with  skinned eye)/ in frozen heart from out of damage dense accord a flagellate fingers gnarled cannot close over the warmth of limb upon limb gifted spasm held to burn what of it/ speech devoured lest sense be other than eradicated by purity/ in a suicide of bitter teeth ablaze denounced cold earth tears dead do not ponder/ neither in or of obliterate concealed beneath each footprint in frozen surface/ cylindrical abase murmurs beneath breath trace of broke stone bodies clinging together as of shit to bootheel/ nothing there/ not a trace of redempt/ view is of outstretched vulture wings and the bleed of foreign silences for all time spent eradicated what songs from cancerous flesh to absorb no further than a lie from outset’s chalice/ what sung we lung it is said/ premise no/ collapse into thy dread in a make of mockery cold shoulder of abort stricken skies streaked across in bloody streams a hallucinogenic upheaval throughout better repose of ice-dark-weight/ absence of all/ all shadowing/ all knowing yet not/ scar tissue of some unseen/ a/ not of not a/ snap bone itch however done collision echo-echo traceless what edge from which to strike into an irredeemable solace absence/ bitten bone eye light outstretched catascope where edge is vital sudden in outcry cries density a turning of soil over and over devouring nothing new that ever was nor will ever be/ so go words/ silence dreamt of/ never ceasing in conflict there its sense devoured by/ arbitrary lights break surface of skull’s interior illuminating nothing more than ever was nor seen/ not a trace/ voice in response collides with nothing echoing out in dry screams/ foreign whispers fallen at once to be eradicated/ nullified/ tastes whip as it expires/ back then till unto/ gathered in fleshed bones of ill-purpose opiate eyes close over nowhere left to see yet some/ still yet/ scar tissue yes peeled away revealing exposed eyes of lack and absence/ stone winds wilting blood flows from callused fingers unto vacuum’s edge collecting bone whispers/ (seeded by)/ tumbleweed across desert sands of unseen mind’s reflect/ in desolation’s itch stitch of absence of redeem fleshed bones of within of illumined skull bleed of foreign silences/ nowhere left from out of shadowing alack/ static/ black light/ severed fingers scattered across empty sands/ silent murmurs/ traces of memory fathomless an itch of redeem a vacant lot a vacant lot of blind bones bound in a pissoir’s grace some piss-reek of/ blind shit devoured from whittled hands smeared across gait in mirror’s reflect cracked eye-limb/ what circus dreaming cancerous obviation/ nocturnes of once having been dredged from weightless barren ovulate a recourse to blind sorrows sweet caress of deathly tears/ it or other than what given next to nothing turning in lapse collision fallen skies never truly fallen eyes devoured in oceanic apathy trace barren in skulk of fissure dread collapse unto thy dread one final breath to champion (the) infinite… 

The book itself is available here

Thursday, 27 October 2022

From 'blood rhetoric', Oneiros Books 2022



disfigur(ed) limbs of sun & the fall(en) ashen. try trace what held begun asked of density what children aspen coil(ed) till frozen bloody/ oceanic


mirror lapse that ocular distinguish. colours no. long hour rot. to the fore & nothing cadaver more. eye feels the blood of which composed in depth of acrid laughter/ outpour


last hour of no measurement call of the without scattered breath oblivion caress of none what will till breathe expels colour the lapse lack scald of once forage till drown no sediment no ghost rhythm escapade


seizure solace seizure absence one wilt to bear of the stitch close of wound belonging birth it-reach of none what lock a cold eye dusted realm of speech reclamation spill of all sun light unto where from desire of

one formless than another reach of what wilt till spill teeth jagged wishbone exigent despise the cold floor the majesty it triv/ ial caress of bone weight nothing rhetoric collapse density of foreign adjustment


scarred without a pilgrimage a shadow's tooth & nail of breathless desire cold meat a nocturne a birthing weight of reclamation sudden to disavow claim lapse a bitten butchery of light


razor blossom shoot along veined edge of papyrus extol blood absenteeism given to colourless pupil expose trace acrid shadowy expose where teeth lock shale of white till sparkle diamond crimson drench in meat curtains as if to call final lock of night where silence bind if


empties no not of out of collapse coil closure stitch bled ashen promise of what speak we it till foreign desire of echo breakage stillness null of trace strip of skin cadaver mist of colourless ocular bruised meat flung unto hyenic jaw echoes from out of which what night


 zero pelt design of through fragrant excise all froze what hollow dense shit in vein's collapse as ochre trace across where ancient landscape rest no worth collage of flesh till burn what haven trace of tongue across barbed wire caress(ed) bone obsolete kiss of trace/ given


'blood rhetoric' is available from &

Tuesday, 18 October 2022

A selection from 'of dead silences', reissued 2022 by Oneiros Books


Of The-

Head of death
The seasons dissipate as if they
Had never collected tears
A dissolving sky
Soil sieved through fingers
The silent laughter of the blood

 Nothing More-

Ruins of the foreign sky
From which point all are dead
Smears of dying animals upon clear glass
The flies will gather, nothing more


A blindfold of congealed earth
The dead drown of inverted tears
Lacking the light
By which the night ignites the living


Brute flesh shocks the nothing back
Into resolve
And is then pissed upon


Heart of desolate
In a vice of flesh
Nowhere else/ nowhere/ nothing less
The winds erased having tasted ashes
Echoes of non-being
Inexplicable silences


Dark hollow
The sky unearthed

One final breath to champion the infinite


Haven to begin from
Scarlet striking out striking the dirt
With liquid hands
As if it could have ever begun otherwise



Echo within echo within shadow of…
Absence/ walls/ flames/ still breath alone
Pantheon of carousel/ of vertigo/ of absences
Night’s undoing was never night
Hence the laughter forever ceases to be

Danse of polka winds…night undone/
Night flourishing…
Silent retrace of bone/ vapours/ memories
Immense sky of non-death/ nothing lessened
Razor absences/ peeling away the bloodlessness

Hollowed tongue…winds dealt/ silenced
Dread lest the fingers break/ (only the elapsed)
Sing elixir of non-speech/ mouth full of dry sands
Leaving behind the drapery of skinned tide

Adrift…a visage of mists…(dead unto breath)/ arbitrary
Vault of wasps/ colours/ discoloured skin/ emptily
Night of vague breathing/ unheard voices/ voices heard
Stillness of forgotten sky/ there or here again/ cast aside
Buried sun/ sky/ sun of ashen waste/ teeth of nothingness

Waste ground/ flies of haste/ silver voices/ decay
Black tongue of…wasted wounds of…soundless again
Arise dead/ so much the/ dread/ silenced/ birthed
Evaporating tongue of/ erased/ better never/ never to have been


The book itself is available here

An excerpt from 'longshadowfall', published 2017 by Editions Du Cygne


 […ends as it does not wish to have ever had/ commence then out or not what matter/ dries eyed spurious metals a vibrant bloody welt/ asking of some none till follow long shadow fallen/ it says yet lacks all sound/ rent flesh in scum divisive edge guttered night abort of fragrant none of it about/ or else what else not a trace to be seem/ strips bare nothing no no matter if/ in-lacerate of bedamned dried blood nothing drag of irrepent dragging the spinal affluence some solace climb to dream of exigent given to taste/ what wind/ make it nothing less than brutal not/ scarce rot/ drag of lights permeating skin in a drift pierce as one locks baited silence hovering in within not taken for less or more taste of saturate attrition/ bedamned/ lock in/ vibrating what stone said yes/ eye abacus/ brute flesh carving out into endless night what matter/ absence of/ strips shut down/ collision purpose scattered remnants nothing of/ till bite what ask/ prayers from depth departed sunk dead sudden/ collapse unto thine ashes/ a lung/ fibrous oxidate climbing transparent space elective drain what stun lack trace abortive none of lack displaced/ in seek of sun lights broken valves of having traced through laughter long given to expire/ skeletal/ traceless of eye what matter closed fingers fist shattered glass impenetrable sudden reject of/ biting down upon bared knuckles echo-echo traceless acclimatized/ there has been/ nothing crimson pace trace alongside/ till vacant light traces some accord what spasm senseless sense/ trace of non-percept/ glimmers deep/ in deep/ what well of liquid night of endless blood/ in-dream spits shards of glass into/ fissure semblant what/ it asks what spun colourless demise/ as if to say in murmur desert hyenic minced no solace it/ cold close till return of laughter traceless from some black origin unfounded/ lapse climb reductive/ speaks of dead cold harrow priceless/ aches just a/ not one/ forgotten dream pageant nothing no it closure/ as if to say that in/ closure fist not a mark to remain/ settles to fall/ peels away skinned lights broken aspirate not a trace of/ broke stone laugh there is/ expels breaths as of shit/ bile vomit no breath for tomorrow/ (I/ eye laughterling)/ conjoined silences/ devouring words what frenzy to become…some foreign distance out of which collapsed purpose given to exhalation nowhere left/ to boundary cleft bespoke kill lack (lapse) kind what cannot be no other than bespoken/ nectar of eye sting breath colourless appeal a taste of bitter aftermath stings black worthless entity/ skinned for of in becoming nothing vacant seasons as if to echo dissolve in breakage point collision with no not a/ upon what stone sprayed with crimson broken valves of feel an abortive struggle fruitless as dawn’s first shadowings/ emptily doorways weep into corridor/s of light’s frozen cavalcades/ it-sting from frozen edge collapse still less than escapade given to fall asunder if/ lock weight and on it fathoms no/ bread broken through marrow’s blind withering in traceless circumnavigate dissent/ bitten ill-light a broken jaw some tangential recollect emptily irredeem of/ no nothing of some sense through which or eye what sense collision naught in dissipate of waste/ as if to say/ dredge what will stillness gathering ache throughout cascade no not/ not a/ asks that it may what it/ is speaking what is speaking collision trace eject tasteless/ bloodless/ a neck snapped in emptily resounding as if to echo fade once more/ still yet what edge what silence breath some seraglio of excrement/ no words/ abandoned else a cold dark vacancy following through/ waste what stray opulent skull-depth/ intro out of speech wrung dry till kaleidoscope some breathless want/ of some longing that in/ not a trace of other than or if or in what spoken collapse I-breath/ eye-breath/ trace waste what love what closure fist no yet following on from/ blade between teeth/ all whittled down a sarcophagus taint tint in a lightless  nothing/ spoken for as if for tomorrow/ not a trace/ in some following after laughter-lock some buried collapse/ lapse unto/ forgets forgotten that it has forgotten/ wrung out/ skins scattered vicariously across waste ground…lungs outstretched some bitter barb a stripped eye basking in sun lights/ alone is to best respite taken from onset’s winds/ nothing that cannot be outstretched wings till die what once/ ragged jaw out of some out-pulse regardless fathom never spoken till clad stone break reflect cascade/ it-eye-what no more till barricade stripped bare in spurious silences/ spat out some final tongue into dissipating gait left trace of not a nor of in if no matter nothing says finalize/ night’s fissure scarlet taste from a diseased mouth endless to touch beyond/ working bone against bone as if to say that nothing left demarcated stripped of tangents dry ice colours blending with tears given to unto some effortless demise/ it or other/ it what/ nothing more/ having burned all winds/ these burning winds deduced bone from out of faculty headless desire a given trace of some beyond forget it/ as one passes through another nothing there as if to/ broke stone fingers trace benign absence a dissipating smoke/ as if to/ having been no not for wastage not a/ clamour of dead light stripping the carcass of final tears lap them up for/ saken/ for no not a trace of there it all lies in pit tryst skull-depth snap-snap it is a lie/ mercury eyelids covering flesh/ here what collide what spun hilt dread laughter long as hollow/ not a/ strips violent teeth a mockery of being nothing beckoning in nothing’s claim/ it-spun/ eyes roll back in amphetaminal lights/ not a trace of sky when sky is mind alone yet not a trace/ spoken of yet better departures given when lock is steel what driven else forget/ it is I-lie/ distances flung out into foreign realms/ no trace to touch/ what of/ none of it throughout/ a downward spiral staircase of diseased longing smeared with bloody excrement/ reek/ no end in sight taken from above/ no light by which to guide/ atrophic words cascading with flesh’s devourment/ nowhere of some left to run aground/ where vocal chalice mocked by nothing claims what dim I-lack/ sunk white light of…ever of still-chase broke-spun lack till of measure/ gifting of eye what purpose flesh a wrang of meat a colossus breath still-born edge/ as of/ forget-me-knots shackled nonchalant skull deep what water winter water’s edge/ steps to blood measurement distance haven cleft one singular purpose not a/ it still distillation breaking forth relapse of climb none from out of which to parry disclosed night disclosed/ crack what stone effigies detritus wastage of bone steel laughter prevaricate/ fucked frozen eye reclaimed stillness from which to escapade writ in lines cast by a windless full of blood/ it I-lie never once of trace desire nothing captured given unto causality driven terse/ etc./ eye-lack sudden to expire given of reject of purpose nothing left to trace where nothing was or if abounding/ ragged then in terse closed doorway in or out of/ nothing ventured nothing eye alone roving in said dark what dark/ blind arc ice to follow on from given to gesture/ dead all what some circus apathy/ dressage what will some stench of sickness given from retreat/ onward no/ flails off lack of purpose desire/ it we fallen/ drag/ yes another drag another bone/ another broke stone nothing amber lighted/ shadows shed across echoing out no nothing into which given to having forgotten from the outset of what if or/ dead we along/ scattered what longing gild of appetite an outstretched palm/ scum pageantry/ isolate in terse/ with we what if collective no nothing to obtruse skin of toothen walls no sense for tomorrow/ it is/ what is/ out of or other than/ dense die what collapse in cracked eye promise/ I-cannot/ what is of or in not a trace given to lack in dream sarcophagus collapse/ expired endless/ given to/ accord/ what sense then under-sensed beneath/ callous under-climate parasite/ blood-shot in bite of recollect/ deduced from bones what given trace/ it of/ what of/ not a/ in-dreaming posit of some lack what given violence/ aspen/ cold bait that once/ twice/ thrice/ echo-dim falling to earthen what spine no solace never to return…speaketh from form dislodged abandon cleft what climb/ subtle unto abandon eye’s fieldline/ whispers from abattoir kiss ill-sensed as if to murmur bones of some unknown origin/ lapse all lack to trace from out of sickness given to dredge one singular motion ever to obscurity realm/ of distance clear azure perhaps some skyline only/ birthed all/ sudden abandon intro-speech eradicated not a trace where nothing can or cannot unspoken as before/ fields of lung no longing for abortive bones flies will gather nothing less as if to say/ some eclipse of endlessness/ in or out/ bled of what dead stun fields of atrophic reek shadowy nocturnes/ “dead fingers tell no…”/ absurdly flexed a catacomb of silence breathless expire non-trace in out or of/ here die it die eye/ we die young yet not enough/ better than what once was given/ effortlessly contained reclamation of none given to glow in unbroken aftermath/ I-we limb suck sand a broken coven a trace of flesh-meat nonchalance/ struck from what realm till opulent expiration/ skinned solace some glisten of liquid indefinable unlike tears/ not a trace where silenteeism reigns/ falter bled what other than/ if it we spoken nowhere left unto never unto/ dead centre centre flourish of nothing/ dissipatory expire sung from what left behind not a trace of affluence other than marrow’s taint/ sunk suck stone spit it out/ “dead fingers tell…”/ skull yes this in butchery lights stripped does not/ escapes does not/ all dead what realms to touch forgotten arbitrary notion collapse eye-null-void/ coughing up blackened flesh non sense devoured/ seen last of what haven till of over than what stun vomitous teeth of some dead lapse longing for what end given beyond nothing there or otherwise/ it-stun what cleft lights repetitive edge/ colossus null and void we in/ reek of/ beyond shadow’s mark a tint of closure nothing more than ever if or none sunk blind light of despair illuminating a thankless worthless space…]       

Monday, 17 October 2022

no. 8 from 'Code #4 Texts' (Oneiros Books 2014)


8.…no blinded eye/ no set to follow on from motion unto waste here comes the blood rising in the throat/ speaking of foreign night and blank drip of the faucet/ in mesh of isolate here or there another’s bask/ till frenzy occult in shear of the benign what of yet till knocking as if it were possible/ throughout or of/ asking -no/ blinded then till gilt of skin removed guttering upon the ice of some given obsolete/ tomorrow’s hand the skinned purpose of it flung upon the table the blood-stained cards are none and void/ the bones dissolve in the vapours of/ rancour of/ reek stank of dead till once click/ horror of/ immense density of the bind/ the stitch to mark the wrist here or there another/ till fold of ash in given density/ there’ll yet be/ give or take a/ the brutality lies in the claim of blood the meat’s devour of shine/ bone/ none of the hereafter/ till sickness plundered for the weight of frenzy/ given till task given up as if to offer prayers/ three strikes then gone/ it recalls it does not recall/ the blind tint of the sagging air/ rich with the maggot asking of once or of the naught claiming the winds that drift in through a crack in the door/ the room is empty as death final/ a taste of mortuary upon the lips give or take a minute here or there of the light dense dense displaced/ as if it were said/ etched out in invisible traces/ the passage through which benign as skinned carcass/ traceless yes/ no blinded yet the eye of it/ there are sweets on offer/ cancerous the dark eats away the face the blood the bones until the edge of the night and forgotten yesterdays/ till fold of ash in given density/ what of the breathe then/ what of the beauty then/ an arced scar stitches up the fucked breath of severance tasted ever known/ as if to…sudden as if to…sudden as if to fade…sudden as if to fade from out of which/ given lest the…no nothing…rage or no/ unto the naught…

43 eneco 17102013 calibrationcode 122117400 gas 03682,643 m3 electricity 025384 kWh then

before the final recalibration,some last thoughts...."none of the hereafter/ till sickness plundered for the weight of frenzy" just this pointless spilling,seepage,leaking,chemical green riverial exhaust to measure perhaps for no dead politics urgent later these decaying records in desertificated neomono continent. average depth 2km/1.24 mile titres of irondioxide 0.7765 mmol/ ironsulfide 4.72mmol/ sulfuric acid 6.08 mmol/ nowhere to go from nowhere to easily escape inner virioid plaque incidence accumulation tests biofluids viruses in the pneumomucus plateaus >100,22µ mmol/l.,toxoplasmosis incidence positive a life is lived wired within webbings of pathogens and scarcity,sparcity mental drought degenerative loss of braintissue due to toxogene environments in such sprawling evidence we see a paradigmatic shift from the antropocene to the toxicocene dipiperon bound to ritalin 77.60% high athmospheric particularized coincidence the old not forgotten dioxine some decline yet bc of its intransigentality and high toxicity it is a contingent plaque to stay found in the polar bears as well as in the hickory wood and the polish Białowieża Forest the humus accumulation of heavy metals fourhundred times as high as fourty years ago. 44,20 mg/ while the,acetoneacrylatetitres heavily jumped to never before seen levels of 59,88 %/ as with the toluenesulfuride the appr. density per mg. 60%,4100% higher than when first measured. "life does not live" cited adorno. we're dead and already know it or don't know it yet as how anti theatre would start a premisse without ever solving such dualities which are metastatic metamanifestations of a world,chemifying and azteced in that its heart seems ripped out left bleeding where tears lay in the past this is the new crying

michael mc aloran aad de gids

Sunday, 21 August 2022

3 sketches 2014/ artwork 2022

steps once/ it does not/ steps twice/ it cannot does not/ thrice in claim that cannot/ given of/ back then till trace obliterated/ eye folds in upon it cannot echos from out of which/ rolls in absent pageant it cannot/ of an echoing reverberate it seeks not/ no no longer having reached it cannot/ black space open as of/ as if/ in which it/ as if it could/ not a/ no not a trace from/ lack spacious of the within it opens up to graven flowering graves of zero point/ blind edge the eye’s garrotte/ dissembled/ disregard/ fingers to touch the untouchable/ the none untraceable yet known of/ in flesh meat circus cavalcade/ throughout night’s absurd lock of jaw/ steps four times –fourth- and then retraces once again till it cannot/ until eye in mirror’s reveal a mirror smeared with excrement/ I cannot say/ reduced unto absence of I/ clotted blood in specious what of it/what is pretext of/ if/ dense/ the unreality of a cadaver stripped of skin devouring the life from light’s aborted children/ X. + 1/ non term in relative knock what else from which fortitude absent/ recedes/ steps out of view/ does it    

bound echoes reverberate in trauma fields of scorched grass acrid shock of winds/ blood mist/ falls to knees begging for more/ as if it/ no/ stands its ground in glimmer eye and toothen sacrament/ blind-sighted allwhile no dice to ever roll from figment hand if/ if given as of foraging in transient shavings of skin/ till terse devour in reclamation that cannot be it can only be if/ absurdly/ what whittles away as if embroil of plane divulged of percept and sense were some gilded key to/ erased by if/ I collects bone absently/ sets to rest in pyre of real/ moves along yet cannot/ into/ of to/ if/ sun’s disease is merely paradigm/ a glaring anus/ a metaphor that carries from birth and exit of/ absent lungs film cup with phlegm/ it has seen the decay of living breathing fucking meat/ and of the other/ if/ little choice but to abscond it was said/ death nothing yes yet nothing of/ extension clause +1/ eye spits into eye that perceives it/recollects of shadow does it/ (something is watching the observer also)/ yet cannot be said of/ blank space/ in dislocate/ slowly skull cracks revealing nothing that ever was/ scattered flowerings upon blood-soaked floorboards/ it was never yet nor once yet said/ if 

psychosial whip I stings/ if clamours for shadows as if to say that/ none silences the all of lack in purity there absurdly sheen of surface coating zero eye/ unspeaking/ unseeing/ in mirror-object searching from out of indent of self what self/ blind-sighted by cataract of percept/ it skulls it does not it dreams in else from what origin from what origin if/as if to clamour/ abandoned/ a corpus of shit that is mind’s resolve/ unto taken from what matter/ doubts yes or no/ non-claim/ figment palacial either way/ hop-scotch all said representative erases in deathly absence of smouldering lapse/ no not for/ wrung neck and bloody aftermath/ skied to unrest of absurdly taken/ back then to words that are/ if/ carried by what into what/ in corrected present what winds to follow/ all shine what of/ breathless negation suffering up from collective nothing that is the within of speechless dislocate/ purity of/ bitten nails and horror in brutal asking of a facticity/ eye slashed across/ stun lock ask bitter shit lapse stun ask lapse bitter shit if/ mock of tint in eye if eye be two/ if/ all spun together in weave of dislocate see how they run if/ it falls between crevice in-between give or take of what is wished to be felt/ encore of nothing/ back then until again of foreign purpose/ as

Thursday, 28 July 2022

4 sketches 2014/ artwork 2022


...of  the echo without/ forgotten the origin of/ of the lack of which/ the silence unknowable/ all the while/ placement of in centre-collapse-centre/ vapours to trace/ never of the indent... nothing ever of the sharp stamp/ the mark into/ the lesion of the outcry/ imprint or otherwise/ not the motion nor the tangent/ not a...

...the ghost-limb tongue/ seeking/ to collapse the bite of silence/ asking of the solace birthing/ never yet nor not once heard of...

...yet silenced no/ never silenced/ the silence yes unknowable/ yet ever present if/ in conscious of in the reclusion from/ the empty earth’s landscape/burrowing in/ not a... what blood/ the blood rails also yet is nothing/ pure tide emptied of momentum/ desolate ash/ the erasure of virulent laughter...

...the naught cancels out all sound/ the none is of the extinguishing scream/ set to light/ consoled/ yet in the forthcoming and hence/ unconsoled...

...the echoes surpass their own origin of disappearance/ the murmurs never recede/ even in sleep the voices persist/ yet remain unheard/ as if to say/ the silence of non-being mocks the/ all the while...


...words no answer to/ silence unfathomable/ being’s dissipation the voice uproots from depths non-existent/ films that coat/ as if to/ that coat the foraging into what has failed...

...evident breath and the dissipate of/ voice shed/ no words for tomorrow’s foreign attributes/ the scar tissue’s recession in the purity of nothing/ words clamouring for the...

...not a sound/ no/ the posit absent/ in the clear cut blood of anguish/ smeared light through which is viewed/ spoken through/ not a...

...all broken/ fragments of stone divulged of/ scattered remnants and misinterpretate/ the shadow’s tomes of foreign where once never was/ was where one ever is and never yet...

...the night is not blind/ the night is divulged of sight yet/ the eye burns of it/ zeroed out it cannot communicate to the hand’s breathing/ the mind’s distillate...

...dissipatory in the lack of any real substance/ either way/ here then the frozen light/ the words like cracked cisterns and the reek of decaying shit...

...and so to document the banality of/ clamouring for/ sensing that/ if present/ the defeat of the exist/ and the final etch in sight that will not/ cannot...  


...voice what voice/ the clear speech of nothing ever/the crutch of which/ the being of which it derives nowhere/ births into the silence of without the genuflect of/ silence in the process of/ forgotten as soon as/ no mark upon the nothing...

...yet echo yet echo echo/ some distance to trace/ no nothing of the distance felt it carries none into/ shadowed all the while by/ fragment all the while of...

...the naught cancels all/ glimmer hope and I/ else the retraced footsteps seeking outward step/ words drained in dissipate/ sands blown across erasing the tidal of...

...words what words as to lay claims upon the dark/ the blight of tint/ of blood spattered upon cold glass/ sought inconsolable/ whispers of which blind to the forgotten once/ the salient grin of/ bled out...

...yet none other the options of/ placement between the lips/ the tide of drought and the broke bone emptily/ speech claimed till drift/ an eye for an eye’s absent possibility...

...voice what words/ a mesh of/ a collective of/ none speech the purity of the last possible option/ as to choose were to embroil/ un-sought it does not ask of the other/ all the while/ fading non-relating to/ the being in/ of...


...says the naught yet it does not/ says the night yet it does not/ yet still the failure of/ the failure of retort/ not a sound/ merely traces/ projectile lights cast upon/ ever to fade out...

...still yet words empty of value strive in the midst of being/ yet severance from/ not of the knowing of what/ ever else...

...silence all the while the redeem of the/ the affliction of the/ voice from out of none/ from out of the distillation in none/ still yet the knocking upon/ never asking of the else yet it reappears/ appears...

...silhouettes of words cast off in the un-betterment of vocal/ the hands are worn/ flight is of no use where words are in crisis/ crossed up/ crossing themselves out...

...nothing forever claims them/ and even yet the given term of nothing devours itself/ it cannot be believed/ it can only be yes or no/ it is believe it...

...silence all the while scatters the dead teeth of blind obscurity/ in the exile of upon plateau a lack of defense other than in lack/ echoing out/ bleeding slowly out...   

Some images from 'swarm black lights'/ Oneiros Books 2023

  Available via here: Oneiros Books