Wednesday, 13 April 2022

An excerpt from 'bone bite snare', published by Erratum Press

From Section III 

…crack knuckle bleed exile trace of bedamned meat a sarcophagus of lightless smoke in veins a-dream it-shadow specious cause of what once aglow nothing much lest viper close of wound bedexed absentee so writ(ten) was the word clear skies an abort of sunlight cascade of the below whereof silent travail throughout never of the beseech of neither of the absurdly broken solace saturate in blood cum & shit of redempt nothing of the weight to follow it is a lie as was uttered hollow spat frugal taint tight travail where to absurdly mock of syllabic laughter the locked jaw of the bone bitten salvation snare that coil of neck-snap defecate deter where the shadow’s internal organs turn to vibrant dust as if to worm throughout whereto of as onward broken bodies ruptured scattered nothing of the remaining of the collide it-depth nothing barter seed to scatter(ed) once was abandon all what words all semblant traces of the obscure the marrow’s landscape a reek of acrid shit that carries through the vague light’s distant effigies never knowing of the once twice thrice repeats after nothing on the commence of it to bleed one final asking of cold taint it matter broken nothing as of which till terse redempt nothing ever of the collision verge where coil of edge redeem spill of light to replace the internal collapse of having abattoir kiss taint flowers ever of the shadowing as if to density is to reduce to dusts nothing as before where once eye coil in desolate devour subtle as to of & which of out of to the…

…nowhere if/ return from broken blood asked of throughout the redeem the solace mutilation given of the burn to touch grace through the majesty of exaltation of absolve…light run low of dim reclusion…body a-mask/ denuded it is of the echo stone of the absurdly locked spat in the face again of from the before of the commence forgotten nothing of as if to claim of it embers embers null & voiceless…voice yes vocal yes words nothing vacuum tide & the shit in one’s shoes a harvest of disclosure breaking from fever till fever unsensed…on no…rotted…rooted...vomits once more...what once more the origin of…all that can be sensed is the reek…& the perhaps twice or thrice by the second & third remark of it…skin the body whole…nothing ever of to the amass of it to nothing ever much of it is echoed…

…in a heaving stun of steaming organs slap down tryst sick bile etch of broke limb orifice collision electrify slapped down upon stainless steel skyline opulent silence give or take one thousand windows screaming their vault of tidal blood effortlessly obscurity solace a kiss of blade across the throat ejaculative devour staunch of woundage silver coin a-spin upon the navel frozen waters the depths of blood-rage fallen to crucifixion tones the like of which silence to repeat it merely of to get it over with it was once then enough of the other climb dead tense waters flowing let it bleed let it falter signature erased nothing of to mimicry dense as what once of the haven from the dug trench climate of rat pulse parameter see of in the once was fallen known of no more…of no more the gilded complex of fallen obscurity breathless longing for in the heave of this or other given to expire dusted realms of derelict rooms poisonous only of where nectar dreams of denounce it from the other scar of the lesser more than blood to excise skin upon skin to turn from demarcate breathless avarice a void of emptily expose of meat’s devour of flourish regalia distant shadows to come closer closer damage nothing as before of the silt-traipse syllabus a mockery of teeth to snare through bone black bite to unto bitten reclusion in dirt whereof to cold stone dredge of corridors of aftermaths never of the detritus edge of the serrated kiss white shock light a forage a nothing a…

The book itself is available via Erratum Press

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