Wednesday 3 April 2024

'in dim forgotte(n)' blurb by Andrew C. Wenaus

 Like the dissipating flickers of photons and last snaps of neutrinos as the cosmos slouches towards the silence of maximum entropy, McAloran’s periodic utterances—like an abandoned number station sending signals into the ether—proceed with their directionless promenade towards absolute diffusion. With each reiterative instance of thwarted recollection, these utterances offer a meditation on a past as if it were so distant that its revelations become abstract to the point of null, all while the site of recollection in the present remains eminently alone, patiently waiting the culmination of a torturously elongated finitude. So, in dim forgotte(n) collapses this cosmic isolation into the very intimate site of memory in an ever diffuse present. By introducing this matrix of utterances stripped of their semiotic glue, McAloran writes where the sterile and silent ellipses the word and offers a glimpse beyond language into the soundless stasis of extra-linguistic occultation.

-Andrew C. Wenaus, author of The Literature of Exclusion: Dada, Data, and the Threshold of Electronic Literature

The book itself is available here

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