Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Selection from 'All Stepped/ Undone', (Oneiros Books).


breath(en) fall

atrophy of meat/
             din of the benign bones

   all shorn
             asked of

tears that the dead do not ponder

asked of the spasm
break lest you’ll ever answer

fallen/ earth(en)
sky alone will not save nor the futile heart of it

rat’s teeth in a gullet gallery the meat hooks sway

raw as carcass kisses of the night
(said again)

I writhing       in the

           shit of it



blind scars/
    the laughter’s abyss

settled to the shiv of breath

the stitch of reprieve

spun dead
but one/ lock-alack/…

(silent as…
      wavering of…)

when wavering walls blind mine I

as if/ because/ said/ murmured

bleak ash
the blood beneath the fingernails of silence

mocking the itch

of the redeem



(in)skin of none/
                  embers    final

and the balk of
despair’s cleft/ obscene

the dregs the taste of swollen eyes

the fields close around the throat of fist
    left to scarring

of the breath irredeemable

trading bone dice
for shadow’s bound and winds to know

I spy/ kaleidoscope
the infinite

I am of the none/ stun abounding


 of endless/-

anointed heart/
                        fallen of/
till absence

escapade none

spun alack/ out of which/ one hand extracting the skeletal of
beneath the meat of sun’s light

dusts of char
rocking the dead limbs of the sky’s excise

a mortuary trace
breath/ sky/ nothing less than

I/ (hop-scotch)
in the sharpened teeth of




viper earth/ theatre of…
         vault of

unspoken death of a cataract skyline
I alone/
               spun lock until

in the traces of bled dry

the ever-less of

the collapsed bones of purpose
salve of the un-being

I of the whispering/
                           said less

the better said the more of which from less till follow
on from

the candle extinguished
a garrotted throat

and bled neck of foreign
posing no…

all distances/
                the mimicry of…

Acrylic on Unprimed Canvas/ '12 (122 x 155cm).

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