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"stance light end", a chapbook, now available via Black Editions Press 

"cold zero reflect", released 01/ 01/ 2019 VoidFront Press & available from &

"till claimed", my poetry chapbook, now available from Veer Books (U.K), here 


“nowhereon” explores privatives and negation, absenteeism & being elsewhere, but these negations are mere verbal forms. they do not refer to a void or to any absences, for these are nothing, & the nothing does not really noth, except in us.except wherever the psychological is. all these words relate to what people, mostly idiots, call nihilism, and nihilism only means anything if it is axiological. the psychological though, qua for-itself is a thin film of nothingness, says Sartre, obviously, & what McAloran points out is that it is a thin film that is fucked up. it does not relate correctly, the self in itself is a fucking optical illusion.”  — David McLean

“nowhereon”, (VoidFront Press), my collection of prose poetics, is available very cheaply from &
all null having a careening plunge thru strangeness of serotonin amplified perverse conceptual integrity/futurity caught up in the vectors of cerebral collisions/words railing against the Cartesian grid/space of thoughts hollowed out ungrounded heresy of linguistic discontinuity/an enciphered probability of multiple meanings defying de-construction pushed to the threshold of the limit of Blanchot’s Book to Come/A post human masterpiece/”

Lee Beckworth, author of ‘Savage the Warning Signs’

all null having” is a joyful apparition from the future-in-us, an Artaud/Guyotat-inspired example of feeding-forward fatal-error performance-writing, and a masterful poetic fictionalization of the meandering ways of non-rational logic. Deployed as patterned assemblages of seizing sentences that challenge the illusion of both continuity and discontinuity, “all null having” explores the continuosly emerging bursts of unnatural, beyond-risk decay embedded in the perceived order.

—Germán Sierra, author of “Standards”

“all null having” is available directly from &

“the texts of Michael Mc Aloran, as in this new book, radically displace the locus of agency & reflection from the “I” to the “it”, perhaps as in “Es gibt” – It gives thought, as it were. “…I steps it knows no other than” – the orginary identity is made of words, on the surface, but the original identity is the animal identity, decorously obsessed with the flesh. & as with me syntax is seemingly experienced by the writer as an offensive idiocy, though referral is otherwise aligned & words do not say the same.
the futility of existence is expressed perfectly in “…(I speaks because I)” – i like that sort of thing & so should you. buy this book.” – David McLean
“catascope” is available here from Editions du Cygne

AVAILABLE: Purchase Here
  ‘THE BLACK VAULT’ is a brutally beautiful, visceral feast, graphic as a sliced eyeball. In these dark, surreal landscapes we suffer the estrangement of existence with only the inevitability of death for comfort. Anyone deluded about what it is to be human might experience what Milan Kundera terms, liost; a state of torment created by the sudden sight of one’s own misery. Anyone else will be enthralled by some of the most darkly vivid imagery to be experienced anywhere. Read ‘the black vault’ and you will experience some kind of duende; a blackness that strikes to the very core yet is still curiously fresh’.

-Gillian Prew, author of ‘Throats Full of Graves’, ‘A Wound’s Sound’.
  My collection of prose poetics, ‘longshadowfall’, available here, from Editions du Cygne…

From the first sentences of Michael Mc Aloran’s book: ‘longshadowfall’, I recognise all the themes that this Irish poet has developed, which were always simultaneously paleophysical, infrasocietal, postland-striatical sojourns of our postneo cataclysmic sociuses. Still this is a progression: after the last, after all is lost, after such metapoetical questioning. Mc Aloran is a rebel and sets forth that great Irish tradition of “furthering the edge“. If the “psychoscape” stretch seems bleak: this is what it is. Mc Aloran’s language has evolved along with the scorching, cryogenic catatonia of the social, personal, around us. He has gone all the way. We are not yet unable to laugh, and are intent to move on, even if into uncharted terroir.

– Aad de Gids
M. Un-Sight/ Un-Sound (delirium X.) gnOme. 2014. 130 pp, available here

un-sight un-sound/ yet/ in vacuum of doubt’s expel/ clamouring for beyond flesh what meat as if/ yet forage no/ not a/ eye crushed within fist of none/ echoing chamber of nothing/ never dispelled

Un-Sight/ Un-Sound (delirium X.) is a prose-poetic work in three sequences: “delirium X,” “Meat Sequence (after Francis Bacon),” and “Ghost-Limb Tongue.” In the first, quotations from various authors (Bataille, Beckett, Luca, Popa et al.) are used as springboards for surreal imagistic fragmentation. The second section, inspired by Deleuze’s Francis Bacon, deals with the subject of flesh/ meat and explores the concept of the human object divulged of identity/ place, stripped of ego, and viewed from an externus. The third section addresses the conflict between sense and the real and concludes with a collection of aphorisms written with regard to words becoming a bankrupt form of expression in the conflict between language and the Post-Human world . . .

“It is nice to see that language too can be broken and made to rot like everything else.” – E. Elias Merhige

“[T]here are moments in Un-Sight/ Un-Sound where it seems as if the hold language has over our perceptions is being, if not broken, then at least distorted enough for us to catch a glimpse of the world that lies behind our makeshift descriptions and definitions.” – Christopher Brownsword

“…in an actualisation of the blood/ distemper light collect in bask of rotted symphony/ dense accord the traceless unbecoming lapse/ tide of one thousand pelts in the moon’s reflect of eye/ of pupil shared/ trace +1/ ache/ dissipating sound in an echoing room but one/ here or there as if to trace-erase-reclaim/ sudden shock shrill of tint of teeth a-grind bitten by obsolete in any dying hour/ the spit in the eye of it gifted spasm/ lock/ knocks once then thrice collective smear of an outpouring wailing in the dark/ the face illumined else as it dreams of else/ no dice/ in-dream/ stripped skin of an electric cable frenzy/ the hands dead the heart dead/ in an abort of restless unto-follow/ the sky is there the sky is a cataract of azure silence/ no trace for tomorrow/ tumour/ close/ too close to touch it/ the fingers smear also/ the black in the mix of blood echoes of tears spent gilt of the obscene devour/ till shredded once again/…”

“Untitled #2”, re-published by Black Editions Press,  is available here


Michael McAloran

Michael McAloran’s latest slivers of violent silence.

Echo/None by Michael Mc Aloran further explores how the original imprint is dislocation & homeless. there is actually no nothing, there is no void or vacancy and absence is something that might have mattered, but somewhere else. there is no nothing to hypostasize & it does not noth, & everything is here all the time, often smelling funny, though you might not want it to be.

 apart from the failure of the eye and sensibility, the book records the emptiness of speech. because meaning is broken by nature, it does not attempt to simulate a world created like a stage set to record the author’s lunatic contribution to the pitiful attempts people feel obliged to make to sustain the stifling illusion of normality that the modern system, the system of modernity, demands.”

from the review by David McLean (read the whole article here)

‘ECHONONE’, (Oneiros Books – 2015), my collection of experimental prose poetics/ poetry, is available here


Michael McAloran & Aad de Gids

“…echoes/ echo none/ echoing…echoes of the where…echoes of the…a clear…a clear cut wound the wound clear spliced…open undue the palm open spliced of/ not a distance to trace…blank the eye’s meat/ drained of/ spasm head no not of echoing/ dreaming/ a clear gash to the collapsed breath of…the meat of it/ haven/ knotted madly/ as if to recall the tumour of it or of the once departed/ all for/ nothing no colours not a…still yet the breathe bite blade of the bite/ ask/ ask/ absent purpose/ divulged the eye’s collapse/ not a sight nor sound/ ever-clear as this…from the outset/ begun/ shattered/ the frozen air/ stillness yes/ not a trace…” (excerpt)

The corrosive marriage of texts by Irish poet Michael McAloran and Netherlands poet Aad de Gids

 ’What a brilliant weird fucking book…’ D M Mitchell

Code #4 Texts is available from &

‘the zero eye’ — (Oneiros Books 2014) — available here

“with poetry and poets, with art, it seems a veritable probability that in the “produce” of this art there are personal developments going on which affect this art and making it a “developmental” “work in progress” even if the art executed, in this instance fullblooded poetry, is expressed in a continuous stream of perfectly formed and inherently consistent isles of artistry, expression, expulsion even exorcism orexoticism. this is in my opinion highly the case with michael mcaloran’s poetry and the steady produce of high quality immanently consistent collections of poems resulting also subsequently in this striking chromatography of books.”

(from the introduction by Aad de Gids)

“Michael Mc Aloran’s new collection is a series of stunning prose poetry novellas that foreclose on the debt where the lesion was, the small scars in the places where meaning was torn from the broken body. The broken bodies are left to console themselves with alcohol, ejaculation, damaged words. Names do not apply to temporary fragmented things & love is a wound; wherever consolation is, it is not to be found among humans. It is not made of words. Get this book, it is not there to console you for anything or to render the night less murderous. There is no catharsis here, just the naked asshole of a dead god nailed spreadeagled across the sky to remind you of the nothing. & that is the only valid purpose of art.” –David McLean

“The Bled Sun”, 4 prose/ prose-poetic novellas, written 2010/’11 & published by Oneiros Books, is available here

‘abattoir whispers’, (written 2010/published 2014 by Oneiros Books) is available here

“In this world of Mc Aloran’s there is no definitive suffering. One accumulates scars like years; not always aware of each day, each slice into flesh. It is both an accumulative living and dying; a horror and a wry smile at the ongoing absurdity and meaninglessness of existence.”

from the introduction by Gillian Prew

‘abattoir whispers’ reviewed here by David McLean @ Clockwise Cat Magazine

(the book also features artwork by Dave Mitchell)
 McAloran-M_ 9781909252516_cover
“Of Dead Silences”, a book of dark, submerged, surrealistic poetic aphorisms in two parts, published 2013 by Lapwing Publications

“The Non Herein”, fragmented experimental poetry, published 2012 by Lapwing Publications

Preview title here

Black Editions Header
“Attributes”, my first (officially published) book, of poetic aphorisms, 2011, reissued 2014 & available here

“Michael Mc Aloran strikes the iron of existential experience again with a pessimistic hammer to spark out some Beckettian aphoristic poems that unflinchingly cold and realistic in their depiction of what is. “Some are better killers/ than others”, he writes. Some are better writers than others too, and Mc Aloran is one of the very best. This is not a celebration of the negative, of decay, the decimation of meaning and values, but a search for a better place:

I bathe in the night I cannot


far from the living

far from the dead

The place doesn’t exist, but the book can take you there, if you can follow…

–David McLean

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