Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Now available, "cold zero reflect", (VoidFront Press)

//Michael Mc Aloran writes a book about recurring themes such as the void, the delay, the
absence, the irreal. (“the skinned animal crosses the street across”) he writes, and this, as
elsewhere in the book, makes me think of Bacon. Not narrative, not figurative, but figural. The book prefigures utterance & the impossibility of dialog by such passages as

& (the) calling one home of candied
a-breathe of shit…

The figures are abstract, not figures depictable, & the mouth of the corpse is immobile forever, they utter as little of interest as the average living person. The text simulates transmission of information & opinion, “as if to say” it is not the “want to say” of meaning, but the simulacrum, yet with the gusto of the Baconian meat being presence, these words, as is the wont of words, depict the lack & the absence that is language. A great book, buy it. – David McLean//

"cold zero reflect" is available from

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