Sunday, June 8, 2014

Excerpts from 'The Zero Eye'---Michael Mc Aloran (Oneiros Books)

From 'the hang(ed) light


…flayed yes there is no light an empty chamber/ the flesh bound echoing it stills/ steals/ forgets is recollect/ amber the light dead nothing more/ this is the dead landscape/ invisible the naught by which all lights are viewed/ dead zones of paroxysm/ then nothing/ ever-speech murmuring like some retarded entity/ clasping the brutal tearing/ see/ settling/ it cannot it can only of/ asks then of the dead to follow on from/ the skin pared away/ obstruct of yes or no/ working the bone haven silently/ spitting piths of teeth unto where light cannot be retrospect/ dense as excrement what matter if/ sung sand/ muted/ claw lung of the silenced breeze of it/ distances to trace/ yes all over again/ as if one could/ what matter/ climbing the same ongoing mass only to recollect beneath/ afar/ afar from oneself/ no nothing/ hence/ what will or not/ claim no broken of course broken/ what of/ the substance of which cannot be of the disregard/ the hung light’s nothing claimed/ not  a distance to trace/ not from the commence of it/ back then to shadow onward/ settled/ never settled…



…in echo’s chamber/ knock-knock/ dread stirring/ closed fist/ inebriate of solace tide/ where cleft alone bites the majesty of none/ of the dementia of X./ the black weight of all devoured/ shadowy nocturne of the bleeds escapade/ give or taken/ spent light of the hungs dissolve/ scattered skins scattered by the breeze/ all sight eradicated/ re-birthed/ back then till emptily/ sunk sight/ a butchers caress/ concrete kisses still the edge till nothing else/ becoming of the sight by which the dream exhales/ all strung together/ iced white/ diseased the words clamour of the hung light/ fleshed abandon in deserted rooms lacking desire or/ hence given to unfold/ dissipated wounds resurfacing unto/ claim claim of some foreign absenteeism/ knock-knock/ no answer/ the door is the winds promise of all else/ other than this/ as if it could be followed/ as still the shadows edge collapsed/ tidal immensity of murmurs lacking any merit/ screams that turn to dust as soon as they escape/ walls that peel of the solace nothing/ fleshless/ the black weight of/ no nothing ever/ not a trace/ fragments perhaps lacking traces/ transparent as the film coating the roving eye/ bitten by the dusts of collapse and final/ such is/ ever was… 



…there may/ a hole in the socket that/ only the cataract knows of it/ blind death in the circus night/ laughter spasms reaching out for/ dead struck to lack/ loss of the obscene still yet or of the accord/ the stillness ever/ the naked foot of a woman upon a blood soaked pavement/ scattered hence the crows to the sky of murder/ all the while the broken glass appeal of sorrow’s chalice shattered/ revealing the essence known/ unknown/ long grasses the/ an estuary where/ dank detritus of the abscond/ night claiming/ yes again the night what of it what of/ it/ yet none of the dreaming of in the light unsung/ hung/ whittling the purpose sheer/ the slit of/ impregnated with absences/ soon yes or no/ bone whither and the asking of what matter/ the skin away appeal the skin is the surface tension/ bleeding colours of light/ what/ till close what of it/ closed as of/ blood fills the latrine/ emptily to travail and so for on it follows on from/ here or there the sun light/ dreams cast into the dark what of what if it/ they/ absentee/ not a trace either way/ fleshed yes there of course/ somnambulant/ echoing inwardly/ the eye set to rove…  

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