Tuesday, November 5, 2013


...in an excess unto feed/ to feed the excess the deluge of/ the deluge of rotting orchids/ funereal the pageantry of the barbed eye/ closed in upon/ in a final symphonium of shard/ throughout or of what matter/ the upturned eye of sky’s revolt/ give or take a breath or other of/ none else to follow on from give or take an hour or/ a velvet crush of subtle ice what of it/ in fucklorn circus of nothing yet still a taste of/ give or taken from it is said/ (echo/ echo)/ blind lice of castrated tongue/ the heart’s text burning before the eyes what matter/ till migrate from/ distanced unto exile what matter/ seek what sought/ blind what vision else/ cataract/ as if to/ carnivale/ repetitive strain of/ seeking yet not sought…/ step upon step as if to retrace from the beginning no not the given ash of it/ till sky exhumed in the still light of pageantry/ else/ the given bone/ the piss of this or that/ noted/ writhing in carrion of it/ the vibration of it/ as if to carry in the bind of what else what from or of what distance else/ dreaming of declouded veins and the vein never yet struck/ to feed the excess to feed the deluge of/ trinket by trinket yes/ little by lapse/ in the gift of non-speech/ non-being of the else what matter of it/ no nothing of it of/ the pulse disregards the death of it through the final of/ a taste of benign kisses/ see the seasons parry the shadow’s emptily/ and the drag/ the whispers the screams of it/ psalms of nothing escaping into the none else as if to/ a breath/ melancholia of excretive hours/ blinded what vision else/ it will never cease it ceases it will never return it returns/ to claim the traces of blood from handkerchief/ bruised steps abounding/ a citric here or there/ walls what walls as was said they turn to dusts and reappear/ to suffocate as if following on from out of one passage unto the next were to be/ there are no given dimensions/ so it asks/ so it has been seen/ through utter dark/ feeding feeding the terror of/ as the flesh of it flows down the gulley down the drains of any given street/ till pace pace further in the dark/ blind yes/ limbless/ senseless/ nothing is…/ baseless trace heart/ in an amber sense of half-forgotten sun/ the warmth’s redress/ spin the bottle/ drink deeply/ watching the dissipation of the fingertips/ the palms/ the breath stun of aching breathe in or out of speech/ having forgotten either way/to feed the excess to feed the deluge of/ in an excess of exist…

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