Friday, October 4, 2013

5 Further Sketches--


…in an ache of breathe/ lack-echoing/ struck harvest of silences the reclamation of emptily/ flesh non dusts/ often then or of/ yes or not/ no/ clamour ice/ given to the fragrance of/ perfumed the corpse of words/ soil of/ eaten away in the birthing of the absurd/ devoured/ back then till obsolete/ powdered blood and the settled glint in the eye of feel/ unfelt/ the hung light’s surrogate is the tears dry as bone/ removal/ sands of the dead socket adrift of the claiming bodily/ the ache of yes or no/ nothing claimed only to claim of the given nothing of the none/ in semblance of being/ ever naught/ erasure of/ some absent solace of breathless disavowal/ subtle as the kiss of some viper aperture/ black blood trickling across denuded skin/desolate haven of non-being/ some subtle absolute/ scarred without longing/ given up to the night sky’s empty shadow/ subtle points of absenteeism/ of the foreign of/ the final of/ sung aloft of the cancer flowers of all hope and despair/ all the while the ache of breathe/ give or take a/ the dead children that dwell in circus carousel/ dreaming/ dreaming of/ none’s settlement is the open wrist of night/ perfumed the corpse of words/ yes or no what matter/ the pupil widens/ the glint is all…



…there may/ a hole in the socket that/ only the cataract knows of it/ blind death in the circus night/ laughter spasms reaching out for/ dead struck to lack/ loss of the obscene still yet or of the accord/ the stillness ever/ the naked foot of a woman upon a blood soaked pavement/ scattered hence the crows to the sky of murder/ all the while the broken glass appeal of sorrow’s chalice shattered/ revealing the essence known/ unknown/ long grasses the/ an estuary where/ dank detritus of the abscond/ night claiming/ yes again the night what of it what of/ it/ yet none of the dreaming of in the light unsung/ hung/ whittling the purpose sheer/ the slit of/ impregnated with absences/ soon yes or no/ bone whither and the asking of what matter/ the skin away appeal the skin is the surface tension/ bleeding colours of light/ what/ till close what of it/ closed as of/ blood fills the latrine/ emptily to travail and so for on it follows on from/ here or there the sun light/ dreams cast into the dark what of what if it/ they/ absentee/ not a trace either way/ fleshed yes there of course/ somnambulant/ echoing inwardly/ the eye set to rove… 



…discourse of/ having erased/ still the terse/ invert of/ no answer and so back to endless nothing/ fleshed without purpose/ skinned yes/ obsolete from birthed/ nectar of the night’s whispers/ dream lack/ some sunderance/ all spoken of/ trace of the without/ till eye/ I/ slashed out the candle’s light of the hung promise/ a sentient breeze scuttles across the dead sands/ lock of bone/ drapery of tongue/ an isolated presence/ shimmer all the while/ or of the cold chambers of the pulse’s meat/ claim yes/ stun stop/ no no cessation/ violent tears of the foreign body snuffed out/ settled/ syringe dust/ a collage of memorabilia/ dense amber rots the words from the inside out/ and so to be left with/ shattered concrete kisses/ sung alone some song of dreaming other/ than/ till adrift/ foreign/ genuflect/ dead lights of the abject unforgotten/ a solace of erased/ memory spliced with the naught of…/ silenced till spoken/ of/ forgotten/ absentee/ yet clear a sky of breathing all the while/ dream alack/ dreams to lack in the most poignant exigency/ number by number eradicated/ theory no/ abased/ scattered to the nothing of/ as if to say/ some stun/ final breath of/ collectively to fail not knowing one has failed yet knowing/ it carries on/ stop full…



…given yes of the obstruct /no/ fleshed until/ silenced of/ abound in bite of pulse’s snare/ the palms outstretched/ the bloom of it till burn/ a burnt offering/ faded traces and the colourless less or more/ dragged kicking till/ bitten black/ scattering the voice to the open winds void what void/ this/ it is said/ in a colossus of redeem/ (echoing laughter)/ the placement of this or that or/ stun pageant/ a brick wall daubed in acid lights/ here the bones warp in their silent ghosting/ shadowing/ stillness/ harbouring more or less/ giving what cannot be claimed by/ ah yes or not unto motion or not/ dreams the lack of which will suffice/ dragged kicking till/ in the hung light/ soldered the meat of it/ basking yes yet in the/ what/ marrow flight/ colours erased violently by the nothing of/ and so the cadaver breath of being/ shocked into silences/ whispers/ frail embers of things that cannot ever/ the winds are now white/ seasons to trace in a given moment/ fragile as/ till drag of hour/ detriment/ violent self-negation and the corpse’s spit of the bloodline/ enough/ enough/ given this yes yet what matter/ a taste  in the mouth that cannot be erased/ a pissoir’s dreaming…



…negated then/ hollow splice/ cleft of the heart’s diameter/ cylindrical the bleed/ some forest/ some nothingness/ and the glint in pupil eye of foreign/ ashes/ grace yes or no/ no nothing/ still yet the bones to ask of/ silences/ yes/ nothing taken from the knock upon/ the to and fro/ a cast into the dark edge/ some dead sun/ yes/ traces/ scars across the velvet eye/ a head of glass/ reverberate/ knocked upon the shadow bearing its teeth/ obsolete the words continue/ drift afar/ drift of the none/ adroitly/ ah spit/ here a claim there a claim/ falling down as if till all fall down/ traceless/ beacon yes/ some solace in the hung light/ burnt traces across the skyline/ a word a death/ speech hunger/ lapse/ death hunger/ so goes the tone/ the rip of tongue and the toothen bite/ asking of the dark what matter/ what/ negated then/ the fingers whittled away/ the heart whittled away/ dense viscous/ the absence of/ static/ blind static/ any word if there ever was will do/ step/ step again/ motion unto waste/ again…   

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  1. absolutly wonderful , breath taking and pure psychadelic inebriation all beauties are metaphors decipherable ...<3


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