Tuesday, October 1, 2013

4 Further Sketches--


…what sight/ what sound/ what echoes/ occluded/ chasm lock of the beating trace/ deft again from out of blossoming/ hence the breathe of light remarks upon the surface/ till none or blood’s advance/ what then/ it shadows it is overshadowed/ the longing and the stone’s throw/ dice dealt/ bones to lack unknown of/ through fields of tall grass and spent caresses/ whispers these are not for the…/ obsolete now the carriage from neither unto nor/ from out of frenzy/ disregard or no/ or recollect/ the burn bites the teeth of screaming silently/ silenced or not/ no silence or the silence adamant/ in the breathe of sudden collapse/ what matter/ this is lock of welt upon welt/ the nausea of rind and taste/ the footstep/ the echo/ the echoes devouring the echo’s bones/ in traces like no other flesh/ the boot heel stamp of nothing/ once tasted/ ever/ never to be embraced/ the black stamps the bloodline the exile upon this of this/ no naught/ memorise/ dead what dead/ in this guillotine laughter/ traceless to ask of/ there’ll be/ said aloft upon a pyre of shit and offal-clamour/ the fingers the tongue are frozen/ dead stun/ no no revert/ all the while watched by the roving eye/ peeling/ in the artificial light…



…in echo’s chamber/ knock-knock/ dread stirring/ closed fist/ inebriate of solace tide/ where cleft alone bites the majesty of none/ of the dementia of X./ the black weight of all devoured/ shadowy nocturne of the bleed’s escapade/ give or taken/ spent light of the hung’s dissolve/ scattered skins scattered by the breeze/ all sight eradicated/ re-birthed/ back then till emptily/ sunk sight/ a butcher’s caress/ concrete kisses still the edge till nothing else/ becoming of the sight by which the dream exhales/ all strung together/ iced white/ diseased the words clamour of the hung light/ fleshed abandon in deserted rooms lacking desire or/ hence given to unfold/ dissipated wounds resurfacing unto/ claim claim of some foreign absenteeism/ knock-knock/ no answer/ the door is the wind’s promise of all else/ other than this/ as if it could be followed/ as still the shadow’s edge collapsed/ tidal immensity of murmurs lacking any merit/ screams that turn to dust as soon as they escape/ walls that peel of the solace nothing/ fleshless/ the black weight of/ no nothing ever/ not a trace/ fragments perhaps lacking traces/ transparent as the film coating the roving eye/ bitten by the dusts of collapse and final/ such is/ ever was…



…slivers of/ paper thin/ slivers of the/ night’s bone orchards claim of the/ semblance of knowing/ where the spoken is of all erased/ velvet the rush of death’s parry/ endless sight or light/ what matter/ piss faculty/ less or more or lessened/ ashen flowers smoke in pale light/ given back the taste of bled and after-follow/ till drain of dawn and the echo-chamber of cylindrical/ the gouge bared to the night its teeth ablaze/ bailing else/ as long as/ is/ smears of flesh upon drying canvas and the fractal eye’s abscond/ this is the breathe of death the death of breath/ hands burning of the water’s edge/ till cleft of anguish/ teeth soldered in genuflect/ (I/ eye)/ scar tissue blends with the sun’s absence/ a long shadow of pitch-thin skulk silhouettes the empty sands/ (carries an echo within a jar of wasps/ until departed from)/ the warp bind of ghost limbs melding with the sheen of the skies/ the sky’s silence/ in drift of dreamscape/ this or perhaps or/ the colours still claim where words want for all/ the hung light is the garrotte/ the longing for/ bleak char of opiate/ the given syringe of absolute… 



…raped gardenias/ shock amber/ hollow hung a-breathe/ silt of/ the vein’s discharge of/ milked of exigency/ knuckles crack/ a blend of the hung light/ futile as the hand that gathers the bones of what of/ tomorrow what/ ash upon the lips that render stone to dust/ labyrinth eye/ eye/ eye/ eye what of/ what stun/ vent until else mocks the collapse/ skinned the flesh back from the bone it whispers through the damage seasons of/ futile as the…/ wastage of the marrow’s lights/ till drag of/ back then till onward knowing less/ voice what voice/ dissipating shit/ birthed with/ or…/ unspun/ shock amber/ nothing of/ of the nothing of/ claim or no upon/ collapse/ biting the light’s evade/ imploring as if it could/ a death mask of unrivalled emptiness/ drunk/ upon the hollow rapture of hope’s promise/ in hyenic lands/ laughter is long/ it is of/ laughter is not long/ the cloth that wipes the blood away/ bitten light’s abound/ cloaked in the ash that giveth and is taken away when final excavate/ not a sound/ empty sands/ the gardenias flourish where breath does not…             

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