Monday, September 16, 2013

4 More Sketches--


…abattoir glimmering/ speak now/ speak of the rest to follow/ of the teeth of it rattle lest to come/ chasm spinal and the restive sense/ sudden/ yes/ as if to…/ scattered the remnants as if to end/ bleak disavowal of none/ cluster till breathe/ the all sung unbreathed/ wals of silence and the flashlights carousing a darkened rooms walls/ as if/ as is spoken/ from out of the film of distances/ irredeemable nothing/ struck vein till bite of delirium/ it asks of/ yes/ collapse non-stir of frozen winds/ here or now another cleft till spinal/ what words/ words spoken unto the emptiness/ prayers of the absence tasted till dreaming else/ mocking the desire of shadows/ silhouettes/ vapours/ the silence’s sickening tide/ amber yes/ back till forage/ as if to end/ it murmurs/ heightened tide/ the unspoken leaves it cannot return yet reverberates in the closed wound/ the scarring of/ what of/ what less/ as if/ no nothing but the shit-smeared walls of broken lights/ clean as a new penny/ so laughs the mockery of night/ till claimed/ sudden to exhale/ deep breathe of absolute/ asking as if to fall and forever bite the hand that grazes/ speech foreign/ silenced/ the tide biting the sky’s indifference…



…here then obsolete it says/ clasp-rhythm/ cold stone of a winter barrage/ desolate as if to say of it/ washed away yet entropic/ atrophic time and the obscene breath/ marred skull of disused flowering/ failure in spite of the longing held to be/ knock upon/ knock upon/ again/ again it knots the blood and makes a circus of in-dreaming/ from out of which births the unseen light/ abandoned as if one could follow on from/ hesitation before the blade seemingly at an edge/ callous tide/ no not heard/ as if till mockery else there there of the in-step/ retrace/ a surgeon’s will/ all aside in catascope of virulent absolution/ such is the mockery which dispels tears/ a broken jaw/ a fractured hand/ the fragmented calling out as if…/ all spun together/ no/ not once/ not not ever having been/ traceless the pulse gathering out of abstencia/ knock knock/ a filigree of tears/ shadows to form/ through the glass eye of the/ sands to gather as the hands dissipate/ sing low/ sing chariot/ gutted the emblems of desire reaching out till purpose shredded/ as if to lie were to be enough/ basking in the shit of delusive stillness/ ach spit/ the nose rubbed in shit not to have made the same mistake again/ over and over/ no consolation/ absence of redeem/ a dead stun/ collective as/ saved for tomorrow/ as if it could…



…here a breath/ there another breath/ shite for sustenance/ shite again tomorrow/ having breached/ asked/ begged/ not a fucking chance/ echoing laughter fills the silence of it/ what spun from depth till follow/ exhaling/ breathless/ shine a light/ only the mortuary sting should suffice/ effortlessly clouded by vapours/ the drenched pulse knocking upon the sixpence of the lack/ here or there/ it says/ in some subtle confession/ stillness to trace/ bleeding from every wound/ mocked by the none no not the nothing/ yet still the skeletal with which to pick the prick of it/ dense then/ marrow dense/ lightless accord/ no/ no other route/ as in dreaming there may have been until the slash mark struck across the gait/ sun then/ out of which the birthing of the silent light/ the light by which no light can be seen/ hence the distil/ the teeth of it/ the bones of it in a slaughterhouse of all/ mocking the lung lock/ awash with bile and unspeaking reckless nothingness/ no prayers for the now/ silenced/ shine a light/ here a breath there a breath/ in damage seasons/ having breached/ absconded/ not a fucking chance/ no nothing/ no not from the commence of/ no no other route…



…vertigo ice/ what said/ yes/ said/ it follows/ the clasp-knife breath that lingers/ in the rat deep of vermin obsolete/ of the night’s claim/ shadowed by meat/ in the presence of the none/ a blind man’s cane tracing the brail sheets of nothing left to be/ inherent dice of the unknown/ till failure/ terror of/ asking then of the what till else/ semblant/ dissipatory/ click-clack and the roundelay of ashen promises/ so speaks the silence filled with a grandeur of displaced light/ in the laughter of confrontation with the hope that never was/ such swings the light bulb in a deserted room filled with scarlet dust with scarlet vapours/ till a-dream in sun lights/ hence the spectacle/ the a-breeze block smashing out the remnants of the ongoing/ here alack/ vibratory tone/ perhaps/ else/ till foreign once again/ [we all fall down]/ drag of the pelt of skinned longing/ here or there a vibrant echoing/ voices/ the voice grasps for nothing/ vagrant the ice subtle as the dawn growing upon the unearth-ed flesh/ breath no/ violet no/ synergy/ some distance of/ collapse of/ said without spoken/ glacial the tide consumes the lack of air/ lung-lack/ spitting out the teeth of pissoir abnegation/ furtive/ in the silence of ever having been/ as if…sudden as if…back then to fall upon the crest the wave of it/ oceanic as a cadaver’s wonderment…        

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