Tuesday, September 17, 2013

3 Sketches--


…so stirs the/ hollowed out in vascular unspoken/ a-grace with bleed of the there or else/ of the none/ the broken bones of absences/ traces/ shadows forming in the abscess/ discoloured light/ given to follow/ as if in that or of the which/ spewing forth in cannon reach of absent prosperous aligned/ so roams the eye in coliseum of given dirt/ blood/ subtle as a sliced eyeball/ hence/ no pace the a-lack of turning soil in the dreaming of what still-dredge of given/ taken from out of nothing left to claim/ yet ever  onwards/ fettered speeches/ given less than taken from/ hilt/ claim of the whispered obsolete/ till damage season of the withheld/ says it says no no nothing/ collapsed into the splendour of kaleidoscope and venture none/ mocked by the offal of remnants/ settled to fall asunder/ spoken yes unspoken/ silences to obliterate all/ in roomscape of diseased light/ head vast what head/ non-being in the cylindrical of/ all struck spun left to sheer/ pulse shale/ a mimicry of sound/ so stirs the/ as if/ close the wound of it/ closed the coffin lid/ dreaming less or more of it it says/ all the while the amber sudden shock breath the spinning pageant/ shaft/ vault/ and yet the becoming of/ till mockery of meat rescends/ drift/ drift yes of the a-lack alone/ in a given pageant/ it says/ biting still…



…catacomb eye of the seeing of/ the seeing none/ take up thy cross and walk/ as if to speak of it/ the dusts climb the foreign dead walls/ the glint in the eye of the slaughterhouse inherent climbs the spinal tree/ to strike from out of fission some longing some obsolete/ voice yes or no/ the grit in the shadow of the dreamscape prevails/ all as if/ spoken yes/ no nothing yes or no what of the soiled hands that crave the silenced murmuring/ dead stone/ perhaps/ aching to follow on from out of the here or there/ bone bite and the obsolete/ the lack/ kissed by the blood dust of some menagerie/ the teeth in a bind a lock of/ spurious skylines/ what trace left to follow/ blinded by nocturne/ take up thy…/ [exhales]/ tightens the thumbscrews of desire for that which is merely else/ a deathed tide/ the solace of terror/ sung aloft/ yes/ dead stone/ vibrating silence/ one-two-three/ a meat hook stylus/ atrophic clock/ rooting oneself from out of this unto utter dark/ not a trace of being but for the embers/ the accost of/ spit shine of the boot kicking at the cleft arse/ rockabye/ dense as shit the days advance/ traceless yet traceless/ bound by blind/ spitting out the rancid blood of tears/ shadowing/ mock stun of the given else…



…refuse the itch/ it says/ more shit than shovel/ enough blade to bite the frostbitten hand/ as if to close the wound with acrid sands/ here or there another cleft/ disappearing the voice ever emanating out from/ as if to follow were to be/ claim of the discharge of night’s occlusion/ a sneer of rotting teeth in the veins the pulse the ever having known knowing nothing/ yet/ or of/ in/ silenced yet never knowing of the pupil of the unseen asking/ the drag of exile/ speech-driven/ dead speech what laughter/ bone-blessed/ the marrow’s itch/ as if to claim upon/ where none is the square root of fuck all worth/ so it may be said/ it rails/ the throat slashed/ not a trace/ driven yet it follows/ a cacophony of lights/ foreign as if to drift/ see-saw/ hop-scotch/ wasted breath/ banquet of the redeem/  excreta of/ refuse the itch/ here or there/ bitten by frenzy/ the collapsed lung of disavowal/ speech without tread/ bone laughter/ the vibrating willow’s shed of tears what tears/ it cannot/ arc of failed covenant/ alack/ from the depths of the well/ the echoes collecting the shells/ the succumb/ the rat’s pelt and the ache of winds in an absent glut/ collecting the gathering of it/ the bones of it/ some semblance/ night/ and the ever forgetting of it…

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